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Good MacBook bags / slips?

Asked by cage (3117points) November 11th, 2008

I’m in need of a decent bag for the new 13” Aluminium macbooks.
Slips or bags.
My price range is anything up to $50ish.
I’ve had a look around, but a nod at companies you’ve enjoyed, or a decent company would be greatly appreciated.

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WaterField makes some good bags. I use one of their sleeves with a strap. If I need more bag, I take the strap off and stick the sleeve in my messenger bag. Their sleeves are very specifically sized.

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hmm, I like the sleeves on that site. That suede one is sexy.

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Crumpler and Booqbags are good choices. I also really like the Jack Spade line of laptop bags (although a bit pricier), as well as Chrome bags.

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Vaja is swanky. :P

Definitely not in the 50$ range, but helps you get an idea for what you wish you had….and you will know what bags you’re really getting a deal with :)

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Incase has awesome cases, and even better customer service. They let me upgrade a torn iPhone case and sent it to me no charge.

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I found one on Etsy.

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crumpler has some sexy ones, but right now i use a built one. It has room for your charger, ipod etc.

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Always dug these, Tilly Moss, hand made custom for you and under $50 including shipping and everything.

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I use incase and love it. Of course mine’s for a 13” MacBook that is not aluminum. I’m not sure if they have one for the aluminum ones yet. Check out incase.

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One word :: Targus.

Check ‘em.

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