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How to cure bad breath through the day?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6617points) March 29th, 2010

I always have bad breath in the morning, before school I eat my breakfast and then brush. Then after maybe 1 period at school I start feeling the smell of my breath when I am talking. I always try and have extra chewing gum with me but I think it makes my breath mush worse!
How do I cure it?

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Use mouth wash, floss regularly and carry mints around with you.
You should also make a trip to your dentist. You could have gum disease.

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@loser , what do you mean seriously?

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@Vunessuh , is it better to use mint than gum?

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@Thesexier No clue, but you could try it. Your dentist will know more about curing your bad breath. There could be a number of things that’s contributing to it.

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keep fennel seed in your pocket [or anise or cloves]
Fennel seeds were known as “meeting seeds” by Puritans and Quakers for just this reason.

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Depends on your breakfast menu(ensure you eat food meal that cause less smell in your mouth). I think occasion chewing on fruits will help.

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Drink lots of water !

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Talk to your doctor about it. I’ve read this may be caused by something internal.

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I agree with @higherground—drink lots of water—not coffee or sodas. Also, when you brush, use a tongue scraper as part of your brushing practice. You don’t say if you smoke, but if you do, the gross stuff from cigarettes can adhere to your tongue and cause bad breath. You can buy them in the same place you get a tooth brush.

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water dont help i dont think make sure you go to like asda and pick up some mints, mainly polos there yummy and help :D

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Thre is a tool you can get to scrub the back of your tongue which helps cure bad breath. I don’t use one so Idon’t know the name of it, but your dentist should know.

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Thank you everyone, I think I am going to try and just use mints insted of gum…, but is it okay to chew alot of flavoured gums??like strawberry? yummy!!

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Bad breath generally can be cured by simply removing the bacteria from your tongue by brushing it even with just a normal toothbrush. If you have persistent bad breath like you describe it could be a serious medical condition. Consult your doctor. Good luck.

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@Thesexier Gum/mints are only a quick fix. I suggest that you be proactive and not reactive. Solve what is making your breath stink, but I guess in the mean time, strong minty gum might do better than weak fruity gum.

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Ok, I am going out right now so that means that i am going to buy some strong minty stuff!

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I was going to say what @Jayy said. When I brush my teeth, I just use my toothbrush to brush my tongue. It scrapes off all that junk off.

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I suspect he has the stomach variety, rather than the mouth variety.

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Go to Mapco and buy yourself a small bottle of Binanca breath spray. when in doubt, a quick spray takes care of the problem.

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Try to brush at school. You can keep a small traveling size brush and tube of paste in you knapsack (also mint-flavored dental floss). If that doesn’t work, check the issue with dentist. The tongue scraper is a 30 cent piece of plastic with serrated edges and lasts forever.

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It could well be an indication of an early stage cavity. They trap food that will quickly decay within the warmth and moisture in your mouth. Time for a dental checkup.

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Altoids. They’re the curiously strong mint.

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Brush twice a day and floss regularly. If that doesn’t work, consult a dentist.

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Chew on fresh parsley, works wonders!

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Use a mouthwash frequently through out the day, rinse and follow up with a glass of fresh water.

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@ZEPHYRA: But how many of us have access to parsley daily until the gardening season begins? It will wilt in your purse and eventually turn to dust and crumble.

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You can buy parsley at the grocery store.

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Who goes to the grocery store every day? (And I do know where fresh parsley is to be found). In the summer one can plant it in a pot or outside the kitchen door for a daily snack.

Trying to overwinter a parsley plant is a good guarantee of an infestation of white flies.

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