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Why are images of Jesus always the same. How do the artists / film makers know what he looked like?

Asked by issinoho (85points) March 8th, 2008 from iPhone
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In my humble opinion, no one knows what he looked like. The famous paintings of him were made centuries after he was here.

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No one really knows for sure…

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Look at a thirty-something Israeli male and that could easily be him.

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i seen this program that said they think jesus was a gimp-legged short black guy

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I imagine film makers make Jesus look the way their potential audience would want him to work. You gotta keep the customers happy when there’s millions of dollars at stake.

The BBC figured out what he would have most likely looked like using historical texts and modern forensics. Popular Mechanics featured the findings a while ago.

Real Face Of Jesus: December 2002 Cover Story

He looks like Saddam Hussein to me. Which is pretty much like every Arab, which Jesus was. * gasps *

And to add to squirbel: It’s important to note that those paintings were done by white Europeans using the popular painting methods of the time, which were highly stylized, not accurate by a long shot. Essentially meaning, they painted everyone the exact same way, including Jesus Christ a.k.a. Turbo Arab.

I’m sure if Jesus got on a airplane today, white Christians would be giving him dirty suspicious looks, watching for any signs of potentially terroristic motives.

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you know in Dogma, God is a woman and shes Alanis Morisette.

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I agree with squirbel…nobody really knows.

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