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A "Stop Following All" Button. Should There Be One?

Asked by PacificToast (1610points) March 29th, 2010

It’s been getting cumbersome lately to click “stop following” so many times to get rid of all of the questions that I wish to not follow any longer. Am I the only one who thinks this? Is it just my fault for allowing questions to pile up? Should Fluther include such an item such as a check list function?

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I would like one of those buttons. Maybe one where you can set how far back to “Stop Following” questions. Like, say, “Stop Following” all question from the past 24 hours, or 30 days.

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I’m 90% with you, but there are always a few I want to keep. Maybe checkboxes and ‘Select All’ like Gmail? Then I would un-click the few keepers.

If there were a “Stop Following All” button I could work around it
—Open the keepers in separate windows
—“Stop Following All”
—‘Start Following’ each keeper.

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I don’t mind continuing to follow the questions, sometimes there are great additions to old discussions.

There are definitely times, however, when I just want to clear out my list of Activity for Me and start fresh.

I’ve gotten pretty good at just going down the screen and hitting 5–10 links at once to clear out the list, but it can take some time when I get more than a few dozen piled up.

I seem to recall Andrew saying that they had a redesign of the notification process in the works.

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This should probably be brought up at the next Fluther staff meeting. Someone make the appropriate notifications please. Thank you.

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@jaytkay That’s pretty much what I was thinking of too.

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No, I like the stop following button. I lose interest in questions. So it’s nice to be able to go back & hit the stop following button.

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@jbfletcherfan I meant when you’ve got 20 questions all piled up and you have to hit the button 20 times to clear the whole lot.

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There’s a “Remove All” button for suggested questions. Why not have one for followed questions?

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I would love this option. In my attempt to Fluther less I spent an hour removing questions in my ‘activity for you’. I managed to remove two weeks worth of questions. not as much as I was hoping to remove.

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@jonsblond I’m talking about just that. They pile up so high!

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