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Know your way around Scranton? Where would you look for an apartment?

Asked by Jeruba (45850points) March 29th, 2010

Suppose you were hired for a one-year position in Scranton, Pa., at a moderately decent salary, working close to the Cultural Center. Where would you start looking for a nice one-bedroom apartment?

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Are you working at Dunder Mifflin? Sorry, I have to ask.

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Not I, family member. And no. What’s Dunder Mifflin?

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@Jeruba The fictional paper company in Scranton, PA on the show The Office.

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@j0e Damn you beat me to it. I was going to say that Michael Scott could probably recommend some good places.

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Oh. I don’t watch TV. Thanks for the funning, guys, but I am actually looking for some information here.

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OK, sorry. Here is a good answer:

No matter where I’ve lived, I’ve used, search by zip, and take peoples’ comments with a grain of salt.

I have always lived at a nice place, and I truly attribute it to this site!

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I don’t know Scranton, (although it’s my last name) but I would start with

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I’ll pass along these suggestions—thanks. I thought maybe someone would be able to mention areas to look in or to avoid.

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Jeruba, call the police department. Perhaps they have a map that shows crime rates.

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