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why does safari on my iPhone redirect to mobile sites?

Asked by fireant4040 (181points) March 8th, 2008 from iPhone
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some websites are developed to detect your browser, so they can tell when you’re on your iPhone and redirect you. Its kind of annoying at times since mobile sites usually have less functionality :/

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yea but its sites that I’ve gone to before. Never did it before.

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Sites are jumping on the mobile bandwagon everyday, they probably just recently developed the mobile site.

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nope…this is MSN and Myspace. Just out of the blue it happened and I can’t get it to stop

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It is because they have a script in the page that detects your browser and forces you into a site. So what if you went to a site all the time before and it never did it. Like bigchina said, they can change in a day. It takes a web developer all of 15 minutes to propagate a script change like that across a site as large as MSN.

Couple this simplicity with the fact that Thursday’s conference for the SDK revealed the iPhone as a serious contender… and these sites will “optimize” in a hurry.

I don’t like it either. When yahoo! did it in November, I was one of the unhappy people who mailed them and complained. Lots of people complained, and they undid it.

Real web ftw.

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that happens with me and myspace just go to you site as in then go home from there. It has worked for me.

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I find it funny that a big selling point for the iPhone is that you have a full web browser, yet websites are making watered-down “iPhone friendly” mobile sites just like crappier cell phones are limited to.

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I don’t mind the fluther-mini though. It’s secksy!

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is it even possible to go on the full fluther website from iPhone cuz everytime I try to it just re directs me to the mini version.

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the only way I have been able to to to the reg. site is when someone puts a link of a question. Going to just redirects you to the iPhone site.

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nevermind, it used to work…

Ah I typed it wrong :

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I have the same problem of being redirected to the eBay mobile site when I sign in with my iPhone 3GS. This wasn’t an issue before I updated to iOS 4.2 last week and it isn’t an issue with the new iPhone 4 (I checked it out on the iPhone 4 when I went in to look for assistance at the Apple Store a couple days ago). Unfortunately Apple doesn’t support going back to iOS 4.1 where this wasn’t a problem. I wonder if this is another way for Apple to create new iPhone 4 sales. As one person in this blog put it, “it would take an IT person 15 minutes to solve the issue by redoing a script”. However neither Apple or Ebay is interested in assisting me and bogarts me by directing me to the other company for assistance.

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