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A way for full Fluther on iPhone ?

Asked by wildflower (11172points) April 11th, 2008 from iPhone

Is there a way to view/access the full Fluther website from your iPhone? I tried navigating to but that sent me back to the iPhone page…

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maybe because you went to flutTer and not flutHer. Just a thought.

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If you click the link that it sends your e-mail when it tells you that someone replied to your question you end up at the actual fluther site.

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Good observation, but that was a typo of sorts…I did try

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oh hehe never mind then no clue don’t have an iPhone i loathe them ^_^

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Just remove the “iPhone” part in address bar. Works for me!

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@sccrowell’s tip will work for every page except for the home page. Ideally, you should be able to switch back and forth between the iPhone site and the full site. I’ll try to squeeze this feature into my next update to the iPhone site.

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Hi Erik! And a BIG Thanks!

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Yeah. I love the “Lurve” section on the normal page, but I wish it fit on the iPhone version.

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You can get to your lurve on the iPhone site.

Click on stufffor you , activity, my account, what’s this, break it down.

You may want to make a bookmark now.

Also if you find a link to a question someone posted you can navigate and stay on the true site. I find posts where people post to older questions every now and then.

I hardly use the real site tho. I like my iPhone one.

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Thx jamms, never noticed that update =p

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Thank you all for answering. I tried removing the iPhone part of the address and sure enough, on the main page it just triggers a redirect back to the iPhone page, but on the alerts page it didn’t and I was able to get to the blog and have bookmarked that seperately. Although it will still send me to the iPhone page anytime I click the ‘home’ link…......but I’m patient, I’ll wait for the improvements – or just fire up the macbook if I need to ;)

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