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Using pool cover reel with 16MM weight solar cover?

Asked by heydrew (38points) March 30th, 2010

I am considering upgrading my solar pool cover from 8 mil to 12 or 16 mil. I read in one catalog that because of the weight of either, using one with a pool reel typically negates the warranty on both. I am assuming anyone with one of these heavier covers uses them with a reel. (I can’t imagine lifting and folding off the pool.) Any experience from others using heavier covers with a reel appreciated!

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You should get one of those metalic solar pool covers, instead of the old plain blue ones… I have one that is blue on topside and silver in the bottom. It has a higher thermal rating than the blue ones. I believe it is rated at 12 mil and I do have it on a 20-ft reel. The cover itself is a 20’ x 40’ in dimension, cut to fit the free-form shape of the pool.

It would been easier to provide a suggestion for you if you indicated the size and the shape of your pool.

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pool is about 18 feet by 35 feet rectangle. What kind of reel do you have? That’s a heavy cover in that size.

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