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How do I find a direction for my life?

Asked by deepdivercwa55m (353points) March 30th, 2010

It’s not like I hate my life or that I dont like my life. I always do the same thing (like all of us) wake up go to work etc. I have tried extreme sports, like scuba diving and sparefishing, learning martial arts, have done many crazy stuff, to make my life a bit colorful but stil,l I want something more.. I have many friends and am also the president of my high school. I go to clubing every week but nothing fascinates me anymore. Don’t know why. Everything is like a game. Like a silly game. We dont know why we are here and pretend to like it. Well am not going to a suicide or something lol but can someone tell me what can I do to have a life that suits me? I can also hear people thinking the same way I am..

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Do you have any spiritual beliefs? Sometimes spirituality can help people become centered in their lives.

If that is not a way to go for you, try martial arts.

Consider volunteering. Sometimes spending time helping others makes us reevaluate our own lives in a positive way.

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I would definitely look into something spiritual. It doesn’t necessarily have to be religion, but meditation is great and you can do it all the time. You might also look into doing something creative like painting or drawing… challenge yourself. And last but not least: service. Help others… it actually helps you even more.

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Consider a hitch in Peace Corps, Red Cross, Military, or Americorp or some similar program. It will give you a chance to grow and decide where your interests are.

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This may be more than you are looking for but…yes, finding some sort of spiritual grounding.

Understanding that you must be content with who you are, all by yourself, and that ‘attachment’ to anything outside yourself is a recipe for suffering

Adapting an open yet already content way of being is freedom at it’s finest…if something happens, great, if it doesn’t happen, just as okay.

Developing a take it or leave it attitude does wonders for the mind and soul!

Learn to enjoy just being, for the sake of being, and don’t get stuck in that very miserable of human conditions….not living NOW because you have not attained, become, achieved that ever elusive brass ring, whatever it is…money, education, relationship, the boat, the car, the house.

In-joy the fact that you are life ( you don’t HAVE a life, you ARE life! ) and living, is that not enough?

Good luck!

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So far you’ve been living for yourself and what life can give you. try giving back something. The Peace Corps is a good idea, and so is the spiritual angle. What you’re expressing sounds like a spiritual hunger that many people go through. They find out that material things do not give the satisfaction that they thought.
Look into whatever religious or spiritual path seems to fit you best. And give your time to others for a couple hours a week.
You’ll be surprised how rewarding it can be.

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You don’t need religion or spiritualism to find direction. Get yourself a real girlfriend.
She’ll give you plenty of direction.

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Maybe it’s because a lot of the fun things you’re doing now are all for yourself…Why don’t you give more? Volunteer, offer to help someone, etc…

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Perhaps start a story board. You know where you cut pictures out of magazines, or newspapers, or anything that you like, draws your attention, makes your heart sing, and stick it on the board. That way things become clearer. Have some goals made from this story board. We function better with goals I think.

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Love of GOD, love of the gift…...Love of a companion… LIVING…...GIVING…..

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I’d you can’t find something worth living for then you best be findng something worth dying for. – tupac

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Try doing something meaningful, such as volunteer work. It may help you enjoy all of the other things you’ve been doing.

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Find something bigger than yourself to believe in. Then go and work for that.

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