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Would you consider the Abassid Dynasty (the time between 759 and 1258) to be a reennaisance in middle eastern history?

Asked by AvrilFleur (3points) March 30th, 2010

so were supposed to choose a place and do a report on a time period when that country went through a “rennaisance”. I looked on this website and this seems the most likely period for the middle east. would you consider it a rennaisance?

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So the assignment is to choose a period that is considered a Renaissance and do a report on that period? You are just looking for us to confirm your choice, not do the assignment, right?

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Yes, I would. The “Islamic Golden Age” (a.k.a. the Islamic Renaissance) lasted from the 700s AD to the 1200s AD.

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I haven’t taken a look at the link, bit I would argue that it actually lasted till at least 1500 -1600 AD, maybe even as late as the late 1800 hundreds in India.
Also it was not just one dynasty. Actually it it was the entire Muslim empire, whose seat moved from Jurusalem to Bagdad, to Cairo, to southern Spain to Istambul, to as far as Delhi in India, under different rulers and dynasties.
Good luck. :)

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You could check out this list before you make up your mind.

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Thanks so much everyone! This helped me alot!

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