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Did a feeding frenzy kill the "favorite word" question?

Asked by anartist (14779points) March 30th, 2010

A question just completely disappeared off
Fluther. It attracted a lot of attention and invited short, even one-word answers. Did this combination bollix up the servers so the question is lost? Is whatever happened similar to a Denial Of Service asttack?

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I don’t know about that one, but it might have been flagged for being a duplicate or for attracting one-word answers like a poll instead of leading to a discussion.

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Aww, I liked reading the words, should have left that one.

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I was having fun with it too fahblunget!

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I’m giving you lurve for “bollix”.
I haven’t heard that word used for a while!

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You got modded.

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@wilma Thank you! [I actually say that a lot.]

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@Captain_Fantasy who got modded? The whole question crashed with several people writing.

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Do we dare….?

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I had it going, but people sort of left off adding to it. If someone posts one, I always try to add another. What I didn’t want to do was have a whole bunch of posts one after the other, by yours truly. That’s why I wait until someone adds a word before I add one.

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@snowberry was it your question?
@cbloom8 Dare what?

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Yep It’s mine. One of my favorite new words is “Mulligrubs”. Means a state of depression.

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I like whingeing. It’s a British word for whining and griping.

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@snowberry sorta like “megrims” which oddly enough is related to “migraine”

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And we don’t say ‘Balderdash!’ enough, especially to our politicians.

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