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What did you do while Fluther was down?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) March 4th, 2011

Recently (03/04/11 @ 12ish EST), Fluther suffered a heartbreaking down time of about an hour and a half.

If you were active on Fluther when it went down, what did you do in the mean time? How did you feel about it (mad, sad, glad…?) What other sites did you visit to fill the gap? Did you check Facebook or Twitter for any news about the down time? Did you venture into the real world and do something active? Any suggestions to pass the time next time if it happens again?

If you weren’t active with Fluther during this time, what did you do when it has gone down before? What about when other sites have experienced a failure? What did you do then?

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I SodaHeaded – I’m enjoying taking over their leaderboard. ;-)

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I took up basket weaving and made a pot of tea.

No, just kidding. I furiously refreshed my Fluther tab like a rabid wolf gnarling on a 40oz. steak.

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It went down for me when a comment I was trying to post was loading. No worries, because it wasn’t a life changing post and I had already copied it (habit).

The site was sluggish for a few minutes before the actual crash, so it wasn’t surprising so much as “aw man”.

I did other random non-productive things, and checked the site every now and then getting various error messages.

Glad it’s back up… got worried for a bit. : /

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So it wasn’t my computer then. I went to other sites, looked for apps for my new phone, read threads on city-data.
Did what I’m actually supposed to be doing.

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If you want to know if it’s just down for you or for everyone check this site.

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currently upset no-one has pictures…lol I don’t know who anyone is… I didn’t notice, had to go away for a bit…

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I thought it was a government conspiracy to shut down discussion.

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I went to a doctor’s appointment and following that, I visited several other websites on the Internet until Fluther resurrected itself.

I’m not particularly happy when Fluther goes down but it is just as susceptible to problems as any other website on the net. Technology can be awesome but it can also be downright irritating sometimes. That’s just the nature of the beast.

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At first I thought it was Charlie Sheen crippling the website with his flaming fists. Then I thought it was the government shutting down the site. Finally, it came back up.

~ phew ~...

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I “neffied” hit F5 again and again for a bit then went and did actual stuff. I don’t know who anyone is, either, @coffeenut , it’s confusing.

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Slept for the first time in a while.

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i tried to find out if it was my work blocking this wonderful site from me :D

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@blueiiznh I would probably implode if my work ever blocked Fluther. :O

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i doused myself with petrol (gasoline)

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I failed to notice.

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I left on a jet plane and flew home.

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I was attempting to sleep, and was blissfully unaware. My attempt failed, so I’m back.

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Passed me by, haven’t been on much today.

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I de-boned a turkey.

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@wilma What time is dinner? I’ll bring wine. ;)

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Heh. I heard ya’ll had a bit of a problem…and I was at work where I don’t even have access to Fluther! Bad news travels fast! Glad to see you’re still here.

@wilma I…what….WHAT??? You “de-boned a turkey”? Is that some sort of….safe-sex practice?

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I roasted a turkey today. It was done early so I let it cool for a while and then took it apart and took out all the bones. I froze some for later and we had some for dinner. I will make stock with the bones.
@augustlan sounds like a good plan! There are mashed taters too!

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Didn’t know it went down so I guess I continued to sleep or work. I dare not fluther at work or I really would get NOTHING done. And now I am going to log off and do something in the real world.

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I was at work, where fluther is blocked, along with FB and most blogs.

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I missed the whole thing, saving me from untold amounts of anxiety. Hooray!

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I went to bed before it crashed and woke up after it returned to normal. :-0)

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Having some sexy time with my man please note: I wasn’t having sexy time because fluther was down it was sexy time that caused me to not be here so I was unaware that Fluther was down.

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A couple times when I used to work the overnight shift Fluther went down for hours at a time. I’m pretty sure I refreshed it obsessively for hours. Or at least, every ten or twenty minutes.

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