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How do I make a DVD in iDVD automatically play ALL content and loop it WITHOUT going back to the menu in between each "movie" or at the end?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) March 30th, 2010

I want to make a DVD for a business that just loops over and over so no one has to keep hitting “play” everytime it finishes. It has multiple “movies” (movie files) on it so i see the option to loop, but it only puts it on each movie individually and not a “loop dvd” button or anything. is this something that would be done on the dvd player and not the dvd? or does iDVD support this feature? thanks!

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You are about to learn about scripts. The help files that are provided with iDVD will provide most of the info you need, and they link to Apple on-line files and modifiable scripts. The general “Finder” help files will introduce you to AppleScript.

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I don’t use iDVD much. I do use a Mac for 95% of my computing. But I’m not sure of a loop option in iDVD, But most DVD players have a option to do it. I would investigate the feature in the DVD player first.

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Does this help?

Edit: Try stitching together all the movie files into one movie file, using quicktime or imovie. Then follow the instructions above.

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I’ve never used iDVD but in Nero, if you don’t include a startup menu, each movie plays without menu stops.

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