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Ladies: Best purses/handbags? Best website?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23996points) March 31st, 2010

Okay, here’s the deal: I’m looking for good quality purses that will last me a really long time, so I’m okay with spending a little bit of money. Preferably not over $100, because I just can’t bring myself to spend much more than that. I go through purses like crazy because I’ve always gone cheap, and I always use them so they fall apart quickly.

So… Best brand? Good websites? Help!

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They’re the best cheap nice designer bag. I don’t buy purses from anywhere but there. You can get a good deal on their “specials” section a lot of times. I’ve got a gorgeous calf leather bag that will last me years. Totally worth the money.
And you won’t have to go far past your $100. (Maybe $130 for a nice bag?) But think, that extra thirty bucks could come from not eating fast food for a month or something.. ;P

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Whatever you do, don’t get it on ebay.
If you do get it on ebay, make sure it isn’t coming from China.

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I make handbags for a living. Just contact me at the address on my profile, and tell me what you want. I can make you a designer, patchwork bag for under $2,000.

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Check out Forget the silly designer brand name hype and buy locally handmade goods. It’s good for the planet.

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Go to They have a long list of designer purses for reasonable prices. I ordered a really nice one for my daughter. If you go to one designers purse line than you won’t see a variation of purses that may fit your style.

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Betsey Johnson does some fabulous purses / handbags, and jewellery and clothes. The website is:

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A lot of designer brand purses don’t always last a long time, I’ve seen a lot of people ruin a rather expensive Coach bag because they thought it would last forever.

I’m not a purse expert, but if you want to have certain purses last a long time, try to be careful with how you use it and what you put in it.

If you are honestly looking for something to go through the wear and tear, and you’ve got a lot to hold, a backpack can handle that.

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Brahmin has an 800 number on their website you can call and give a specific item number and color and they’ll check if they’ve got one on clearance. Their bags are more than $100. but have lasted decades and come with excellent quality hardware. Bags that have gone for around $400. during their “season”, I’ve gotten them for half price just a few months later by calling in. Also, do you have a Last Chance store where you live? It’s Nordstrom’s and Nordstrom Rack’s clearance store. I’ve found my Brahmin bags there on occasion along with other good leather brands but it’s a hit and miss place. Still, where else can you get a $379. bag for $40.00 and not a thing wrong with it aside from magic marker pen price inside the lining?

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@cazzie I forgot about etsy! Duh! Yeah, honestly, I don’t like designer purses, and I’d rather not carry around a purse that has a logo on it for all to see. Not my kind of thing.

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You can even do a search to find a bag maker close to you. You can go to ‘Buy’ then ‘Shop Local’ and put your city, or a state, or large city near you. It’s a good place to start!

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You can go to this website to have a look.
The price is cheaper and I think you will like it.

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