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Why didn't Hilary Clinton dump Bill?

Asked by DJM (159points) March 8th, 2008 from iPhone

my take is that she is just riding his coatails. Any self-respecting woman would disregard the money, fame and power to dump him and be her own woman… Ur thoughts? Ps: I am an Independent, and I favor Obama for now….

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she stayed with him for political gain

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ditto… Kinda scary then, don’t want her to be my pres…

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she knew she wanted to run for president and a failed marriage would have given her an even greater disadvantage. How many presidents have has failed marriages before coming to office?

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She needs him and he needs her (sorta). She’s pretty screwed up for staying with him…!

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How about going with Mrs Clinton’s answer: She loves her husband and wanted to make their marriage work. Look at all those answers above me. That’s why the divorce rate is so high….it’s called making a commitment through the good AND the bad(isn’t that in the vows you straight people take when getting married?)and working through your problems in order to create a loving and life long partnership. It’s things like this that really tick me off.As a gay man, I’m fighting tooth and nail just to have the right to marry the person I love, but I’m being blocked from every direction(and having to desperately battle a constitutional amendment) by all the straight people who don’t even take their vows seriously! What’s the point of it all, if you’re just going to bail out when things aren’t going well?

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what about his vows

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The Bible says adultry is a cause for divorce. But it is the choice of the two. The Bible also talks about forgiveness. Why play off others hurts, what does it accomplish? Reasoning can only be speculation.

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deapseas72: I respect ur wanting to get married and the “good and the bad” vows point of view. Marriage can be beatifill, until the hurting is too much. I speak from my own experience. Only those that are true to themselves can survive. And unfortunately, some use marriage as a tool for ulterior needs. Very sad but true. Good luck.

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@deepseas: you can legally get married in NJ

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Why didn’t Jackie dump JFK? Why didn’t Lady Bird dump LBJ? Why did Mamie stay w. Ike? Likewise Eleanor w. FDR? (These are rhetorical…no answers necessary.)

Mrs. Clinton is one of my senators and she has done a very good job.. In her own right, she is a powerful thinker and speaker. I admire Obama but find it difficult not to think of him as an inspirational preacher rather than a transmitter of concrete solutions.

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I agree with oneye, political gain and hey, she is lucky SHE didn’t get dumped…quite frankly. She was thanking her lucky stars when he didn’t just get rid of her.

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Hillary Clinton stuck with Bill because he was her ticket to higher office. If she had left him, she wouldn’t have had the political clout to become a Senator, let alone mount a credible political campaign.

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though i’m sure she stayed with him for public appearance and political reasons, it’s possible – though not likely – that she’s just like many other women who stay with their cheating husbands. not every woman who stays with a man who cheated on her is doing it for gain of power.
really, i know little about the clintons’ personal life, and i don’t really care to know any more.

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