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Where can I find a stomp box like this?

Asked by Steve_A (5125points) April 1st, 2010

Please go to 0:33 you will see his “band” as he calls it

Not sure exactly what they are called but I was watching this guy and he has what looks like a empty wooden box and uses it for a bass drum or beat for keeping tempo.

Does he have it hooked up to a mic or something?
Can I just make one myself?

EDIT: I just watched it again and noticed there is a cable or something in the back of it, I guess it is hooked up to the PA or amp?

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(It’s a Cajónón.) i was about to answer, untill i watched the clip.
So, no, i can’t help you there…, hopefully someone else, since i am interested too.

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This guy is awesome.

It looks like a box with some metal junk hanging off it with a microphone inside. I did something similar once.

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Can’t edit my answer anymore, so here is a good link to that Cajón.ón

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So just put a mic in a box and hook up to amp or something?

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I’m not seeing any stomp box of any kind. Maybe I don’t understand what you’re looking for.

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@Axemusica I am not sure what it is called, I have a video for reference.

@rebbel I do not understand what your link is suppose to show a bar graph??

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I put a flawed link first, then i tried to correct it and did it wrong again.
So, here’s number “three”

Edit; try thisón

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