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Suggestions for a location for fundraiser in San Francisco?

Asked by joshbc (17points) April 1st, 2010

I’m organizing a fundraiser for the environmental nonprofit I work for that will be held in late June. We’ll probably have around 125 people there or so. Because we’re a nonprofit, we’re definitely operating on a tight budget. Anyone have suggestions? Was thinking of trying out some restaurants perhaps? We want it to be fairly classy, so no dive bars.

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Tight budget for 125 people and fine dining in SF: Best of luck to to you. I’d start preparing for disappointment now. Fine dining in SF is not cheap. Not at all.
Finding a place for 125 people means you’re renting out a hall or a pub for the night. Catering is a must because individual orders will get astronomical.

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what do you need the space to do for you?
– kitchen
– av/tech (projector, dj booth, etc.)
– tables/chairs
– parking/muni

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kitchen, tables and chairs, but less worried about parking or av/tech

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Some churches and private schools will rent space. Depending on their policies you may have to hire them to do any catering.

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you might try community centers there are several shiny new ones and the rates are reasonable:
if you call 415.831.5500 they can help you narrow the search, tell them kitchen, tables/chairs, # of attendees, and preferred neighborhood – they’ll hook you up.

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A liberal fundraiser in San Fransisco? I can’t imagine…

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