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Why do we have the ability to be inspired?

Asked by NicoleSochacki (139points) April 1st, 2010

I wander and wonder through my days, feeling and seeing layers upon layers of moments of awe. Then there are those moments when the world silences and I’m left thinking “Why am I given this power?”

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Depression or business may interfere with inspiration.

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“there are those moments when the world silences and I’m left thinking “Why am I given this power?”

That is where you find inspiration.

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Why wonder why? Just be grateful for it.

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It is one of many things in place that ensures the survival of our species. Think of it as the brain’s sex drive. If there was no desire to create/procreate, we wouldn’t have thrived.

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It’s my soul dancing!

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It’s the flip side of being ex-pired.

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Why do some people not use this ability?

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My boys…. I love ‘em. I mean Lurve ‘em.
@NicoleSochacki, if you’re really into inspiration, check out this series if you haven’t already.

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The Celestine Prophesies was/is one great read. I really enjoyed back in the…early 90’s I think!

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@Trillian Thanks for the thoughtful suggestion. I’ve read Celestine before and saw the movie. Maybe its time for a reread…

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I don’t understand this question. Why do we have the ability to be inspired? We have it because that’s the word we apply to the behavior. Perhaps it was bred into us through evolutionary processes. Inspiration results in new ideas. We need it, or else we’d never have become human. Inspiration is essential in the process of creating new things, although usually the term is applied after the fact.

Then you ask why you are given this power. It’s not clear exactly which power you are given. The power to be inspired? The power to create silence? Since I don’t know which power you are talking about, I can’t hazard a guess as to where it comes from, although I seriously doubt it is a power anyone gives you. I suspect it’s something you are born with. Something innate. Something you can choose to use—or not.

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We are inspired because we are souls, touched by emotion, beauty, pain, desire, love, art, music, LIFE. we breathe, we experience. we are…...we search for the deeper meaning….

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