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How do you get someone out of your mind?

Asked by MayBear (556points) April 2nd, 2010

When their all you think about. All you dream about.

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Maybe you aren’t ready to try and block that person out of your mind yet if you are still “dreaming” about them.

The only thing I can really think of to try and keep someone out of your mind, temporarily, is try to occupy yourself with different people and revolve yourself around them. Go out and do things, and keep your mind on else where.

Maybe even occupy yourself with projects, hobbies, even chores around the house.

And try to avoid things that may remind you of that person.

But I honestly don’t think you’ll be able to permanently get this person out of your mind. Maybe for a couple hours, at best.

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Banging your head hard against a wall.
Sleeping Pills.
Loud music.

I don’t know. I’m trying to do this too. All my efforts have proved futile so far…

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I try, but it seems EVERYTHING around me reminds me of him. Hes in all my dreams, hes in my thoughts and hes in my heart. This sucks. If this is what love feels like than i DONT want it.

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@MayBear I know. I feel the same way! Even certain smells catch me off guard, maybe a certain cologne he wears, or just the way his shirt smelt.
Stupid olfactory senses..
I think time dulls the emotion though. Its hard to hold onto someone who is in the past.

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Are you in a relationship with this person?

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I’ll usually avoid something/someone that has something to do with my problem.

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Avoid the person and pick up a new, extremely time-consuming hobby that requires a lot of mental concentration. Try to get together with friends more—really great friends are really good at distracting you from stuff you can’t think about. Put yourself in new situations where you won’t feel reminded of old memories.

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Then you are focusing on a fantasy. When you start thinking about this person, purposely refocus your thoughts.

Get up and get moving. get active. Do something that involves your mind so you can’t focus on the fantasy.

Call a friend; start working out; go somewhere and volunteer.

Do not indulge it. If all else fails, think about the reality of why you are not i n relationship with this person.

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@marinelife The reason i am not in a relationship with this person is because hes in iraq and says he doesnt want to start anything serious until he comes back stateside in Sept.

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@MayBear Are you corresponding with him? If you have a chance at a relationship, that is different.

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@marinelife Yes i do. He doesnt want me to move on yet he doesnt want to just take a chance and try.

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@MayBear Well, I think that this is a little different than a fantasy. This is someone in your life who through circumstances beyond your control you can’t be with. September is not that far away. I would keep writing to him and talking to him. You can learn about each other even from a distance.

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You accept the uncomfortably terrible truth: you will never be in a romantic situation with him.

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@marinelife We skype daily. its just i get ALOT of shit for it by friends. and his friends are like shes a god digger. im like….actually no cause they dont make alot of money and im independent. Thank you for being a lil more compassionate than others.

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@maybear : Please go tell your man what you’re telling us about how frustrated you are. If all else fails, there’s always sexting.

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@Fenris lmao. i have. but i guess it does no good.

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@Fenris LMFAO thats great!

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Maybe you aren’t ready to if you can’t. Maybe you aren’t supposed to. You should move on, but that takes time.

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@mollypop51797 reminds me of the quote “never give up on someone you cant go a day without thinking about” or “if you cant get someone off your mind maybe their supposed to be there”

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Figure that out, sell it, and you’ll get rich.

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Ask questions about them in an internet forum.

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