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If this question does not offend anyone...

Asked by vanelokz (423points) March 8th, 2008

Whats the average age range of a fluther user?? i want to know how many generations are participating and communicating with each other

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Interesting question…

19 here.

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eeee, now I feel young!

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44. So far I am the oldest. Anybody beat me?

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Beat ya, DJM !!

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36 in a couple of days

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srmorgan: I bow in respect!! ;-)

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I am officially the oldest 40…. Can’t help it ! The tech curve really started to swing when I was in college… Cause of that, lots of people my age missed the boat. You know how hard it is to have a yahoo im account, facebook and myspace and only 3 friend my age who even use it :( stinks. Ahhhhhhhhhh

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Oops not the oldest anymore….

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18 here… I guess that makes me the youngest!!!

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well dag.

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wow so the age varies significantly.. im 17 myself… about to be 18

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I am, at 71, clearly the oldest. Klaas4 at barely 14 is the youngest, as far as I know (and his mother tongue is Dutch.)

We’ve done this before as ironhiways just indicated, but it’s nice to learn about the new guys….

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I just turned 29 :)

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Well I’m 5(+ 15).....

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58 and loving it!

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I’m in that boat as well, 19.
(20 on easter)

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If I added my wife’s frequent comment that I am the world’s oldest 4-year old, would I win?


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24 as of today.

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happy birthday!

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Sak when is your birthday?

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At 50, I am over the hill and picking up speed!!

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ok you are older mine is 10.23.86

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yap for 3 months

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45 (for another week)

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I’m the youngest

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21 in September!!! Can’t wait.

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i know this question had been asked before but i gotta say i got a lot of responses =)
thank you all for responding!

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Forty eight. Gently pushing 49.

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29, this ? is being asked a lot right now.

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born in 54, so I’m pushing 54 (next month)

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I’m one of the youngest users here…

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