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What are some free activities in the Hoboken/Jersey City area?

Asked by Capt_Bloth (2703points) April 3rd, 2010

I’m just looking for something fun to do this beautiful afternoon, preferably outside. I have a car, and I live in Jersey City near Hoboken. I have no problem going into NYC, but I am looking for something cheap. Any ideas?

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There is no cost or fee associated with despising New Jersey.

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I don’t know Hoboken, but in NYC

Central Park, if it’s nice out tons of people will be outside
Staten Island Ferry
Take the subway across to Brooklyn and walk back on the Brooklyn Bridge for the skyline view

If you time the ferry or the bridge for sunset that can be pretty spectacular

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Cherry blossoms in Weequahic Park in Newark. The park was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead who also designed Central Park.

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Last summer I was caught sayin “dont you know all the great bands come from Hoboken?”

Insect Trust is a band my friend was in 40 years ago from there that played for zappa.
Enjoy spring.

Explore, but i hope you dont get lost in someplace shady… Newark.

sorry @jannb I hope you dont live there. I do love a good park.

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Maybe working on your accent? I really could never tell the difference.

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Update: I fell asleep in the hammock. I’ll try for a park this afternoon.

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