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Where to shop in Las Vegas?

Asked by joon1986 (185points) April 3rd, 2010

I will be heading to Vegas at the end of April (I am staying at Rio Hotel for three nights~)
I have been researching on what to do and where to go for food
but haven’t thought about where I should go to buy stuffs
I found premium outlet and other big shopping places
but I am also interested in those “hidden??” or “secret??” places only local people knows about….(if there’s any)
I realize pawn shop there is pretty big compare to any other cities in North America and want to know what they sell and how cheap those stuffs are (I am mostly interested in electronics and clothing)
OR IF you have any suggestion on where to shop in Vegas
don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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It’s not really clear what you mean by pawn shop. If you are looking for used goods, do your search on second hand stores or used stores. There are many charity thrift shops, and other second hand dealers that call themselves thrift shops, but do not support charities.

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I thought where people go to sell stuffs to get some cash to gamble was called pawn shop and pawn shop usually sell those goods at reasonably price
isn’t that correct?

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@joon1986 I see. Your question said shopping, so that is what confused me. You probably meant bargain hunting. People don’t usually go to Las Vegas to go bargain hunting, or buying stuff in pawn shops, so it sounded odd.

I doubt there’s really anything secret in Las Vegas. Here’s a list I found

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