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What kind of bike(s) do you ride?

Asked by brownlemur (4081points) March 8th, 2008

Just curious. Thanks to delirium for sparking the idea for this question. I guess I’ll go first.

1995 Specialized Epic Pro (road)
2006 Cannondale Six13 (road)
2006 Surly Steamroller (fixed)
2008 Cannondale Caffeine 29er (mountain)

And to answer the next question, yes they are all necessary, and no, 4 is not nearly enough.

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i don’t ride but my husband has yamaha yzf r6. Really I had to ask him because I just know its blue. : )

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Ahaha. I’ll list nathan’s. I’m not allowed to bike much, sadly, due to joint stuff. My orthopedic therapist yells at me for it.

Austro Daimler Inter 10 (Fixed Gear)
2007 Bianchi San Jose

and this new amazing one, and I totally forget what it is.

(And yes, he believes that you can never have too many bikes)

Austro specs:
Austro Daimler Inter 10

Velocity Aerohead

IRO Formula

46t IRO

Rear Cogs

Front Derailleur

Rear Derailleur


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I usually ride a Redline 925.
Mine is gray.

If I go out drinking I ride a old Diamond Back I bought from a homeless guy for $20.

I don’t mix well with a fixie and alcohol.

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He just can’t get good mileage with this one!

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I ride a blue bike left behind by a former house mate of my house mate. 10-speed.
My girl friend got me back into ridding recently.
Also have a Yamaha 650 not currently operational though.

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an old mountain bike

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a Triumph Daytona 650. Yellow is the fastest color…

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I have a blue 10-speed Bridgestone from the 80’s. I love it!

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2006 trek 1000 wsd, which is currently set up on the trainer, looking pretty…

and an old roadmaster something or other…from the third grade (‘93ish). its nice green and purple.

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bianchi volpe

spare is a crappy specialized heavy hybrid.

ideally i would like several more bikes…

wish list:

snazzy road bike for long rides so i can turn my volpe into a commuter and use it for a real tour

cute bike that i build myself and get powder coated in turquoise with chocolate brown and cream accents : )

beater ride around town road bike so i can really say goodbye to the horrible hybrid.

i love bikes!!!

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2006 Specialized Crossroads Elite

Currently in the market for mountain & (strictly) road

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I ride folding bikes mostly since I take a train to work and I can carry my bike on board. On the weekends I ride my Trek mountain bike in the hills.

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@ Reed ~ neat link for the folding bike… Were you in the race?

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@mcbealer ~ no, I wasn’t in the race, but it looks like great fun eh?

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reed: are you canadian?

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@emilyrose: no, American

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I say eh too even though I am not exactly canadian.

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Trek 4500 converted to Single Speed

and an old Haro BMX bike I mess around with at the BMX track

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