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Where to watch the Tour de France in NYC?

Asked by brownlemur (4086points) July 22nd, 2008

I am visiting from out of town and I would very much like to watch tomorrow’s (Wednesday, July 23) Alpe d’Huez stage of the tour. Does anybody know of a bar or bike shop where they will air it? I found this place already, but I’m hoping to find some place in Brooklyn. Thanks in advance!

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Are you looking for someplace in billyburg?

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I was actually curious about the same thing this past weekend (but in SF). I wonder if there is some nerdy site where you can find out where to watch it across the country. I am going to a friend’s house who used to work for Trek and the tour so I am sure she will provide excellent commentary! I look forward to seeing what other people post!

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i ask the same question—although i do know that last year Marlow and Sons was running it. Possibly Zebulon. Anybody else know where to find a sweet place to sip coffee and watch the greatest sporting event on earth?

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