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Is "Sirius Radio" any good?

Asked by Cheeseball451 (775points) April 3rd, 2010

If you have or ever used used Sirius Radio, can you tell me if it is any good or not?

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It’s not good enough for me to have heard much about it. I’ve only known people who use XM radio. I think satellite radio in general is falling out of popularity in favor of downloaded portable media.

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i used to have Sirius and i loved it. i loved the wide variety of music channels. it had a lot of talk radio choices, like comedy channels, self help channels, news, commentary, but i did not listen to that at all. i originally got it because i am a howard stern fan, but i never listened to him, either. i was so into the music. it had the best hip hop stations – old school, new stuff, it had a heavy metal channel, a disco channel, pop categorized by decade – 70’s, 80’s, current pop. it had classic rock, newer classic rock, alternative rock -you name it. what i did not like about it was in the car i got terrible reception. i googled it and apparently a lot of other people do, too. i even wrote a letter to Sirius but did not get a response (and i sent it to the Chairman of the Board, and i am a stockholder so you would think they would have responded) so i cancelled my contract early and got a small refund.

even though i loved it, i would not recommend it for the car because of the reception problems. i know there are a lot of alternatives available now, anyway, like downloading.

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I enjoy it. But, I had a broken radio in my car, so it was a huge improvement. I like a lot of the stations, and rarely lose signal..only in garages.

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I really love it. it was random and it had a various of music.

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I do not have this in my personal car, but the auto i rented had Sirius radio installed. this was my first experience with this type of radio and i was really pleased. the music follows you from state to state, not like regular FM radio stations that fade away into the sunset when you leave their coverage area. i like sirius radio, but not enough to purchase it.

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Sirius Radio is great. If you have the budget to spend an extra $15 a month on some sort of constant entertainment… then this is a good buy.

Whether you are into Rosie O’Donell or Howard Stern, or sports, or Grateful Dead, or opera, or country, or hip-hop, or talk, or anything else… Sirius/XM is far superior than the FM radio band. Far, far superior. FM is basically a wasteland of pop stupidity and commercials, whereas Sirius/XM is a rich source of all sorts of spoken and musical art. There are no commercials on Sirius’s music channels.

It’s uncensored, un-corporate (in the way it comes out to the listener), and in most areas the reception is almost perfect… although some areas are still sketchy.

If you can afford it, get it. It’s great.

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Yes, a grateful dead network!!!! I need it.

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Yes, I have had it for three years with good reception. Before that I had rented cars several times and I had Sirius on the vehicle.

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oh yes – i forgot to add and was reminded by the posts – no commercials, minimal DJ banter which is so annoying to me on regular radio. in that way, when you have sirius, you get spoiled. i think the howard stern show has commercials, though. when i used to listen to howard on regular radio, he would sometimes have a 20 minute commercial break.

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