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Sexiest, sultry type songs?

Asked by MarcoNJ (946points) April 4th, 2010

I consider myself a music buff with a wide range in taste, but I know there’s a whole world of songs out there that I’ve never heard. I’m looking for some really erotic, seductive, sultry type music. Something more along the lines of…..
Tricky – Overcome
Lovage – Sex, I’m A
Amber – Sexual

Recommendations anyone?

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Thanks in advance to all.

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“Kwick” – Too lonely to be alone.

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Chris Issak Wicked Games

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Lick my love pump by Spinal Tap, seriously though just about anything by the late Barry White.

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Feelin’ Love by…Paula Cole, I think? Definitely hot.

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Falling In Love Again, by Marlene Dietrich in the movie The Blue Angel.

Whatever Lola wants, Lola Gets sung by Sarah Vaughan.

I Never Do Anything Twice sung by Lara Bruckmann (and written by Stephen Sondheim).

Hey, Big Spender, from Bob Fosse’s Sweet Charity.

Bess, You is My Woman Now From Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess and sung by Louis and Ella.

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Anything from Massive Attack’s album Mezzanine.

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If you’re looking for “sexist” songs like in the title, any rap song will do

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Sexual healing- Marvin Gaye
Sex me- R. Kelly
Lick my lolipop- 50 cents
Lil Nicki-Prince
I invented sex- Trey Songz
Daddys Home-Usher
The neighbors know my name-Trey Songz
All of Robin Thicke’s current CD.

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Juicy Better Than Ezra
Misty Ella Fitzgerald

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@ZEPHYRA Thanks but that’s a bit too old school for me.
@chyna That’s a classic tune, good one.
@Mike_Hunt Nah, sorry. I can’t mess with that at all.
@ucme Barry White is definitely a winner but I would categorize his music more as “baby-making, love-making” type. I need something that’ll make my wife wanna play “stripper”
@Frankie That Paula Cole track is nice. I can dig it.

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@Storms LMAO. Funny one. You got me there.
@gailcalled Nice tracks, but a bit too far removed from my generational preference.
@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Nice! I’m liking that album. Most definitely.

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@Vunessuh Most of your choices were right up my alley. Thank you.
@OneMoreMinute That Santana track is nice. And that Lhasa de Sela is very beautiful, definitely for my relaxing playlist. Not sultry but thank you for that recommendations.
@PhillyCheese Huh? Was that a joke? Try again.
@Cruiser Nice track as well. But again, looking for something with more umph. Nastier.
@TLRobinson Nice picks. I actually have mostly all those.

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@OneMoreMinute That Depeche Mode song is right on the money.
@liminal Nice relaxing music.
@SuperMouse Thanks, but I’m thinking something else.

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Drive by Melissa Ferrick (listen scroll through list to #31 / lyrics)

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