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How did Ranma 1/2 end?

Asked by owenburnett (183points) April 4th, 2010

Ranma ½ is an Anime from the early 90s. I’ve seen many of the early episodes, but not the later ones. Does anyone know how the series ended? Was the curse ever broken? Who did Ranma end up with?

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i’m sure there is an episode x ep plot summary on the internet. why not google it?

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yes, of course i’ve tried googling it and didn’t come up with an answer- hence why i’m asking on fluther

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There was no real ending. When the Anime ended, the Manga was still going on (same as with Inuyasha) and when the Manga ended there was no real resolution either. Ranma and Akane did confess their love to each other, if I remember correctly, but Ranma is still cursed.

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thanks ragingloli- i was hoping there would have been some kind of final resolution, but i suppose that’s good enough

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@ragingloli: that’s a very Japanese way of doing literature.

The story ends, but it’s often very… unsatisfying for a Westerner.

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Have you read the wikipedia article? There are a lot of good sources at the end of the article that you might like.

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Here’s what I found from my Google search:

Here is a detailed summary of the Ranma ½ manga series. Here is an episode by episode guide of the Ranma ½ anime.

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