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What effects on the body will eating 8 strips of bacon 4 days out of the week have?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) April 5th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m looking for short term effects, not long term. What would it do to me considering I don’t always eat breakfast, and when I do, it’s normally not bacon.

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It may change your lipid profile.

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Agree with dp. Also, your poop will float.

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What do you mean, by changing my lipid profile?

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Your lipid profile is the way your body stores, metabolizes and reacts to fats in your diet. Your cholesterol levels may go up, some other indicators may change, etc.

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If the huge cancer studies from 2008 are to be relied on, all salted meats nitrites etc., increase the likelihood of cancer. I like bacon and ham, but have stopped eating them -as I already have a problem with cancer and don’t want to risk exacerbating it.

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Short term, my body would be very, very happy.

More bacon, please!

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@DarkScribe what kind of cancers does it cause?

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@RandomMrdan DarkScribe what kind of cancers does it cause?

It doesn’t cause any kind of cancer, just increases your risk of cancer. The study showed a much higher incidence of cancer among people who ate ham, bacon, corned beef, salami etc., things containing nitrates/nitrites. It basically supported the Mediterranean diet. There are many dozens of common lifestyle things that the study covered, the first major study of its kind. You can probably Google for it without much difficulty.

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I agree with @DarkScribe… there are pretty well documented increased risks of cancer from meats containing nitrates and nitrites, also from grilled meats with charring. I don’t think the risks are so great as to preclude the consumption entirely, but I also don’t have that gentleman’s prior experience with cancer (nor any family history). If I had his experience, or thought that I might, I’d probably give those things up entirely, too.

And I have given up a lot of my prior meat consumption; I probably don’t have meat (except for chicken or fish) more than once a week, if that (including bacon). But you asked for “short term” effects; if I’m offered a breakfast with sausage or bacon, then I’ll eat it.

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I’m not a big meat eater, but, my great grandmother grew up on a farm in Indiana in the last century. Died in the mid-80’s at 98. Was on the go till the last year of her life when her kidneys started failing, the most common cause of death if nothing else gets you first! lol

She attributed her longevity to eating meat 3x a day…farm breakfasts of ham and pork chops, huge mid-day meals with beef and more meat at supper.

She walked 2 miles a day though until well into her ninties and didn’t smoke or drink.

Her daughter, my great aunt, died at 64 after a 3 year battle with colon cancer. Doctors said she ate too much meat.

It’s all in the genes, literally.

I don’t stress too much about diet, just pay attention but my mantra is, we have to die of SOMETHING! Unless we are lucky enough to get hit by a bus at 90. lol

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It might give you indigestion in the short term. Long term, yeah, the stuff about cholesterol is true.

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Short term: Your tastebuds will love it
Long term: Your stomach will hate it


You’ll turn into a fat penguin. The End.

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How ‘short term’ are you thinking? Over time the effects are cumulative, so the first week, there would be a barely detectable change, the second week would add to that, but still not be detectable. Eventually it would all add up to a bad outcome.

You can help mitigate the bad effects by getting a lot of exercise, eating more fruits and vegetables, and less meat and snacks. Stop drinking soda, drink 6 to 8 glass of water a day, and get as much sleep as you need.

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Probably not much. I would guess the biggest effect might be that of the sodium. I never buy bacon, but do enjoy it from time to time on a BLT. When I was a kid it was on the table pretty much every morning, along with eggs fried in the bacon grease. No bad effects from it as far as I know.

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Mmm… bacon grease. :-)

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Haha my poo is definitely floating!

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