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What food should bacon not be used in?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) February 9th, 2015

I find Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter Cups with Candied Bacon a totally disgusting concept.

What’s up with the bacon obsession, and do you draw no boundaries??

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Bacon and Jello should never mix.

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Bacon is definitely a no-no for Kosher food.

Actually I have had Peanut Butter and Bacon sandwiches – they were a lot of work, but really good tasting.

In fact, the only thing that bothers me in your recipe is that the bacon was candied. (!) Yuch. Why ruin a perfectly good piece of bacon by coating it with sugar?

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Bacon should likely just be eaten plain. It’s good enough. I think most of the food + bacon combos are usually really food + (bacon – most of bacon’s appeal).

Silly’s in Portland, ME has a PB & bacon shake. I had to order it. It’s at least a pound of bacon sitting in a peanut butter milk shake. Note: The bacon goes all the way to the bottom. I loved the bacon, and loved the milk shake, and the few first tastes together were interesting (in a good/disgusting way). But a quarter of the way into this thing, I felt like a horrible person, wanted to never eat again, and felt the need to take a shower.

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Bacon should never be used in food.

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Ice cream

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Bacon and mint are probably terrible together. Most of the sweet stuff, I could see bacon being a nice salty and savory complement to, but I think certain flavors just wouldn’t mix. Minty bacon would be revolting.

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bacon on cereal.and milk.

It took me a while to come up with something. :-)

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Bacon and cardboard sounds terrible.

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@LuckyGuy – depends on the cereal.

Bacon on Cheerios = OK

Back on Lucky Charms = Bad.

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Bacon in Brownies, Ice cream, chocolate pudding and cherry pie. Ugh.
I am not a fan of bacon as it is, aside from the occasional BLT which I do love.

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Bacon and Kevin should never be put in a movie together…not no more.

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There is no food that cannot be made better with bacon.

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bacon ruins everything.

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Bacon and frog’s legs, aka…Miss Piggy and Kermit.

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It’s funny to see how people are diametrically opposed on the bacon issue:

@ragingloli – “bacon ruins everything”

@marinelife – “no food that can not be made better with bacon”

Proves nothing

I would make one further observation about bacon. Bacon served in the UK is 1000% better than bacon served in the US. Bigger, thicker, meatier. (I know that @ucme will jump in on that!)

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@elbanditoroso “Bigger, thicker, meatier” you talking about bacon or beef curtains?
British bacon is superb though, you were correct on both counts.

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I’ve not tried candied bacon, but I am struggling to find anything I wouldn’t at least experiment and try a bit of bacon in. I believe UK bacon is cured a bit (probably twice) as long as US bacon and probably dry cured as opposed to wet brine cured. I would love the opportunity to try dry cured bacon sometime.

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Yum, I know what I’m going to eat in England next time!

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I don’t get the bacon thing. I generally avoid bacon because it is so fattening and certainly never add it my other foods, like burgers and stuff. Only exception is jalapeno poppers.

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I just tried bacon cured with black peppercorns. Ugh. Ruined a good pound of bacon with that junk.

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I was checking out one of my wife’s diet books and it said bacon has about half monounsaturated fats. It said small amounts of bacon are a good thing. At least for me, to cut off my bacon supply would be a bad thing. It did say that the Nitrites used in processing aren’t good for you though. I’ve reduced my portion sizes, but keep eating it for morale’s sake.

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I love bacon, but only want it in or with a few meals. I like it alone. I also like it on the side with my French toast or omelet. I like crumbles in salad or on a baked potato. I used to really like bacon on a turkey or chicken sandwich, not as much anymore. Lastly, my MIL makes a bean soup with bacon. Everything else is disgusting. I’m sure there probably is something else I would like in that I am not thinking of, but overall I don’t want to see bacon in anything, but what I named.

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Bacon and Jello literally gave me a shiver! @keobooks Food of the Fiends.

I’d not heard the cherry pie angle, @Coloma, but I’m sure it’s out there.

I’m a vegetarian now, but when I ate meat my bacon tastes were more like @Coloma, @Dutchess_III, and @JLeslie i.e. traditional bacon fare only.
At the very least, sausage is easier to cook, more versatile and lends itself to blending with sweets (like syrup) IMO. Morningstar Farms makes a great veggie sausage patty and I enjoy it with mustard and onion on a sandwich or with maple syrup on occasion.

I kind of worry about the recent glorification of salt, via bacon and salted sweets (caramels) etc. Doesn’t seem healthy to me. Ease off on the salt pork and salt shaker and try a little lemon juice or flavored vinegar folks.

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Yeah, I can’t figure out this recent bacon craze either. What’s behind it?

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Indigestible Pet Rocks, I guess? @Dutchess_III.


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I love bacon, but I think it’s a personal thing, some people eat avo, while others don’t, some like tomato, but only in sauces and won’t eat it raw like in salads. I definitely won’t have bacon and peanut butter together, but I will have them separately. Personal choice I guess.

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The turkey bacon is being made right now in the dxs residence.

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Bacon probably wouldn’t taste good on creme brulee.

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I’ve had veggie bacon, @dxs, and it’s not the same.

Let’s all keep our jello, creme brulee and bacon compartmentalized to avoid accepted albeit unpopular responses @Kardamom & @keobooks.

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On a pudding pop.

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Bacon should never be used in pig feed!

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I candied some bacon this past Christmas for a bacon streusel coffee cake. It was divine.

I don’t think I could eat bacon with Thin Mints. let’s see what recipe you can find this time @ibstubro :)

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It’s okay as long as the bacon is cooked @Yetanotheruser.

Recipe, schmeshapie, @jonsblond. Just throw a good handful into a batch of those truffles!

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Not on vegetarian food, of course!

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Oh, forgot that there is such a thing as vegetarian bacon for vegans. Thanks for telling, @ibstubro.

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In Kosher food.

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