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I need some advice on how to open a coffee/tea shop?

Asked by marple123 (53points) April 5th, 2010

this is my dream, please help me !

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By asking the question you make it obvious that you have no experience in such a business. That is a recipe for certain disaster. First get a job working in another business similar to the one that you want to open.

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Several years ago, my son asked your same question to me. here is the advice i gave him:
First, you will need a sponsor. this means a person willing to back you and your new business with cash for start-up purposes. Second, you need a financial advisor. someone to give you advice on how your business should be operated. my son married a CPA, so that solved his problem. Third, location is everything. i would not open any business on a deserted island. this is the extreme, but you would be surprised at some peoples ideas for a location. Fourth, is investment. your CPA can handle this for you.

I guess the bottomline here is: if you are single, then marry a CPA thats loaded with money and willing to invest in your idea of opening a coffee or tea shop.

This worked for my son. his idea was outstanding. after opening three additional coffee shops in the northwest, Starbucks finally bought him out.

He made a tidy profit and so can you.

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@marple123 there are so many variables, I can’t even begin… DarkScribe is right.
Where are you? for a start…... Is it an existing place you want to take over? or are you wanting to start from scratch?? Do you have enough money? You don’t have to marry a CPA… hahaha…. but finding an investor is an option. There are health regulations, licensing issues… labour laws… tax compliance….. It’s not just about smiling and serving customers and baking goodies.

There is a great model of tea/coffee shops in New Zealand that I used to love. They were Robert Harris Coffee shops… Yummy things to eat…. high standard…

Think about how much work it’s going to be and then triple it… that will give you an idea of how work it will actually be.

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Here are some things to think about.

Working in such a business first is a great way to go as @DarkScribe said.

There are also books on how to do it. Check out Amazon.

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As with any business venture, there are numerous complexities associated with establishing a coffee/tea shop. If you have all the money to start-out, that is a plus. You can even buy an existing coffeeshop to bypass the growing pains and proceed to the front and back end work of managing the establishment.

Things you will take into consideration (and not limited to this): customer creation/retention/loyalty, competition, labor situation, cost of goods and services, promotional activities.

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Some things people often don’t think about.
1. proper licensing. (Health certificates.)
2. Liability insurance
3. Workers comp insurance and payroll taxes
4. Definition of terms in leases. Sometimes new business owners enter into a lease and just sign it thinking the monthly rent is all they have to pay. Check and see if you are required to pay CAM (Common Area Maintenance.) You may need to pay a percentage when they pave or stripe the parking lot, for exterior lighting, roof repair, and any number of ancillary expenses. If you are required to pay CAM, as what expenses are involved, and what the average price per square foot is. Ask if there are any projects budgeted in the next year or two. Look over the common areas carefully and see if there may be some big expenses coming up.
4. Before opening, attend as many trade shows as possible. You will see the latest equipment and be able to network with other similar businesses to see what is working for them.
The rest is academic. Writing a business plan to get financing, deciding on your nitch, your decorating, and marketing plan, your menu.
I agree that you would learn a lot working for a company similar to your dream. You can’t underestimate the value of experience.

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