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Sometimes, is there something poignant about memories made outside in the rain?

Asked by liminal (7761points) April 5th, 2010

Last night there was a delightful rain, complete with lightening.

I found myself reminiscing over many memories that were born in the rain. Some of them are delightful: great puddle jumping bonanzas. Some of them are sad: letting my tears join with the cleansing rain as I walk and grieve. Some of them filled with frustration: being locked out of the house with no place to go

I suppose it could just be my sentimentality for rain that draws me to ponder its cycle on our good earth, the way it caresses a window, and the fun puddles it forms.

Yet I wonder, if sometimes, there is something about rain that can make an experience stand out. Are there times when the presence of rain makes something more fun, daring, frustrating, exhilarating, etc.?

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Passionate kissing in the rain is the best.

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Singing in the Rain is an amazing feeling.

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Some time ago, a group of friends (we called ourselves ‘The Fuckers’ but are no more) and I went to a cabin upstate and it was all about friendship and love and getting high. During one of these trips, we all got naked to run around in the rain. I was into witchcraft still (at that point, it wouldn’t last much longer) and I laid down on the grass. I felt ONE with all the elements – here was I (the fifth element, not just an awesome movie, :)) under rain (water) on the grass (earth) breathing deeply (air) seeing lightning (fire) – that experience renewed me and made me strong.

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I like the OP’s point but phrased as it is, one can hardly answer “no.”

It might better have been put as an open-ended question inviting people to describe how rain makes situations more memorable or poignant.

I really encourage the use of open ended questions because they elicit answers that are so much more interesting!

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What I will say is that I love the rain.The sound, sight & yes the taste.Rain can be evocative whilst also being annoying particularly when the kids want to go play football with me.

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@Dr_Lawrence I agree, I originally worded it in an open ended way and it was pulled for being to open ended. Please feel free to answer as if it is asked as “How can rain make experiences more memorable?”

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@liminal There’s just something poignant about memories made outside in the rain…

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I think perhaps it is the sensory distraction, predictable yet random, continuous yet quantum,
an all natural whitenoise to backdrop our feelings, somehow making them fuzzier, but the stronger for it.

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Rain is associated with so many distinctive sounds, smells and sights that in climates where rain is not a frequent event, it makes events associated with rain more memorable. Depending on the associations we have formed with rain, it can make certain types of experiences more salient.

For me, something about a soft rain, in the absence of strong wind seems to affirm life and growth.

I feel that our moderators should not object to open-ended questions that are thought provoking.

A “good” question does not have to require a “yes” or “no” answer to have a clear focus.

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drunk on whisky…..necked with boy toy…puttin bumper sticker on car

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Crying, worrying, sadness, mixed with the excitement of lightning.

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There is something primal about a good rainstorm full of thunder and lightning. Years ago a man that I used to date and I would get on his motorcycle whenever it rained like that. I remember hearing “I’m alive, oh oh so alive!” in my head awe drove and once in particular the lightning was spectacular, branching across the sky sideways…..
Nowadays, I like to just sit and watch, preferably from a covered porch.
I think that maybe from a scientific stand point, that rush of negatively charged ions may have something to do with it. How close are you to being fried when they go through you?

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@Dr_Lawrence has a very good point. Rain has a particular smell (especially where rain is rare), and because smell is so closely linked to memory it’d make sense that when it rains those memories come back to you.

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If you end up catching a cold, you’ll always be able to form a memory that relates rain to an illness. =(

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I love rain and have vivid memories of things that happened while out in the rain or that happened inside while only hearing the rain. So, the answer to both questions is “yes.”

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I love singing & dancing in the rain. There’s something so carefree about it all. I love rain (@times) & I do think there’s something poignant about memories created in the rain

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Well, camping in the rain when you are not prepared nor expecting it can be the source of some memories you are glad you are laughing at years later. During the experience it was anything but funny.

I thought my grandsons would remember the time we went hiking in the rain – on purpose- or the time we were at Knotts Berry Farm in the rain, and we were the only ones with rain ponchos, or the time we went to Wild Animal Park in the rain, but they say they don’t remember any of it.

The only ‘rain’ memory they have is the time a hurricane flew over their house, and they were home alone. They called Grandma, 600 miles away because they were scared and couldn’t get through to their Mom on the other side of town.

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@Trillian oh I’d just love a covered porch…with a swinging chair… like the one in the colour purple or something like that…

it could also be something to do with the fact that whatever you are doing outside… you are obviously getting wet… or at least there is an added sensory dimension to the memory; namely touch..the rain hitting your skin or jacket, or eye lids…lips…(rain on lips is a beautiful feeling!) which makes the whole experience more physical and real…perhaps that’s why?

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Water creates negative charge to ions. It doesn’t have to be just during a lightning storm, but we can also feel it in the air when a storm is coming. We feel the wind pick up, and I don’t know if you guys experiene this, but I can smell the storm coming. From what I understand, most people can.

We come from water, we’re mostly water, and water gives us life. Those same negatively charged ions also hover over moving water sources (not ponds or lakes). Think of it like invisible fog. That’s why people always want to head toward water. We’re attracted to it because we need it to live, and we feel more “alive” around it. It heightens our perceptions, which gives us more vivid memories. It’s one of the most wonderful feelings I have ever felt.

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@lynneblundell You just made my whole day. Thank you :)

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Once I danced outside in the rain with someone special, while the song “I Love A Rainy Night” was playing on the car’s radio. Then we loved on that rainy night. For me, this is poignancy at it’s most sublime.

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