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Are there any bicycle related laws I should know before I ride to work in Columbus, Ohio?

Asked by RocketSquid (3475points) April 5th, 2010

With the nice weather, I figured I’d start riding my bike to work. I live in a downtown area, and I’ve never really biked in an city. Are there any laws or info I should know before I start?

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You’re technically only allowed in the right hand lane (but you’re allowed anywhere in the right lane), you are required to have brakes, and lights on the front and back if you’re riding at night. Use your hand signals, and otherwise act like a car. Besides that, just don’t be a dick. The cars will be dicks, for some reason they think you belong on the sidewalk even though that’s illegal. But High Street is generally pretty safe for bikes, and it’s getting better!

Columbus also has Monday Night Ride! Meet at the Wexner Center at 10 pm on Monday and ride with the group until you get tired and go home. My friend says “bring beer”.

Awesome question!

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You should know about the laws of physics. Momentum’s a bitch.

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Follow the same rules of the road as if you were driving a car. Be sure you have lights on both front and back of your bike and tags (if required).

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They may have a helmet law, but you should wear your helmet whether or not it’s mandated

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I live here. Bicyclists are pretty well hated so you should just keep that in mind.

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