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When shopping for bed linens, how do you select sheets that feel "cool" on those hot summer nights?

Asked by bummer (259points) April 6th, 2010

Material, weight and density of the fabric, is it rated?

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I think that just regular cotton is the best. It’s the lightest of the fabric that are used for sheets I think (someone can correct me if I am wrong). And just use two sheets instead of a blanket.

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The higher the thread count the softer, more comfortable and longer they will last. 250+ thread count is about standard.

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It’s all about thread count. You want 100% cotton and you want as high a thread count as you can find. They should feel very light and smooth. Always open the package and feel the sheets before you buy them (with your hands, don’t make up a bed in the store ;-)). I have some that feel almost like silk or satin, but are 100% cotton. They are thin, light, and very cool. I think they’re something like a 1000 thread count.

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Get at least 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and it will be well worth the investment and you will never sleep on anything else!

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I always have cotton sheets, winter and summer. I remember from my childhood, in winter my Gran always putting flanelette (lovely brushed cotton) sheets on all of the beds because they were warmer, and back to linen for the summer which always felt lovely and cool. Its always a good idea to use as high a thread count as you can afford too. If however, like lots of us at the moment, you have to work on a limited budget Argos (here in the UK) have a lovely range of cotton sheets with matching pillowcases which I’ve fallen in love with, because they have loads of different colours and they are affordable and decent quality too. After the dreadful, far too long winter we’ve had, here’s hoping for a wonderful summer where we’re all looking for cool bedding for warm nights.
hugs honeys xx

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Go with the hightest threadcount you can afford. Beware, though, once you sleep on anything higher than 600 threadcount, you’ll be spoiled and will complain at anything less. My wife and I cycle in a set of old sheets and we can immediately notice. “ARGH not these crappy sheets again!” LOL

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I’m not very particular about sheets as long as they are 100% cotton with a high thread count.

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I’m happy with plain old percale. Used or new, I don’t care. Just not sandpaper ones.

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