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Have you ever wanted the authority to create and implement a legal punishment for an act you felt was offensive to society?

Asked by MarcoNJ (946points) April 6th, 2010

If so, what it is the act in question and what punishment would you have in mind?

I’ll start it off….

In the city where I live, there is a fashion trend among the teenagers which I find horrendous. Therefore, I would make it a public offense punishable by Police brutality. Yup, I said it. I would make it so cops could pull up to the perp in question, beat the living crap out of them, confiscate their jeans, then send then home limping. And oh yeah….“Wipe the tears and snot off your lips, here’s a citation to go with that.” Come outside like that again, please.

Of course, I’m exaggerating…but still.

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I hate that trend myself. I wouldn’t go so far as police brutality, but I would advocate tripping them. ^_^

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Yes, teaching children biblical religion should warrant the educator 50 years in jail and mandatory science courses.

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every time I see a cigarette butt fly out a car window, I want permission to ram the vehicle with my shitty 18 year old car. That’ll learn ‘em.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I wanted to do the same thing plenty of times, but for driving slower than everybody else while in the far left lane. Move, please. Just switch lanes.

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It goes both ways on that issue.

I should be allowed to drive the speed limit in the “fast lane” if I want to. It’s not my responsibility to get over just because you want to drive 75 in a 50. Also, if I have on my turn signal, indicating I am going to merge over and let you by, don’t speed up and pass me on the right.

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I hate the style but I also hate having tons of new laws written about every little thing. In fact I find an overabundance of restrictive laws a lot more irritating than looking at people’s buttocks.

Every freedom comes with a price. The freedom of speech means you might hear things you don’t like. But that’s the price you pay in order to have the freedom to speak freely too.

I say we should allow people as much freedom as possible, as well as ourselves. Let freedom ring. If it means being annoyed by other people’s freedom it is well worth the price. I don’t want to live under the repressive regime of other people’s need to live in a bubble of conformity. I am so lucky to live in a free society. Please don’t change it. At least in America we enjoy so many rights and freedoms. In fact you have almost every right you need except the right to not be offended.

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@Seek_Kolinahr True, I’ve been on the other end as well. Guilty of driving Miss Daisy. Well, not that slow but you know what I mean. Depends on what I’m listening to while I drive I guess.

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@escapedone7 I posed the question as more of a playful thing. Jokingly and wishful thinking. Just for one day at least.

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Chain gangs as punishment for anything I happen to deem offensive at any time.I believe I’d start with cell phone use in public places.

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OK I shall lighten up. I just did my taxes. I am riled up. LOL

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Yes. I find stupidity to be such an offense. Stupidity, however, is subjective.

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@escapedone7 Agreed, +GA. Let’s give people as much freedom as possible.

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I’m with @escapedone7 and @Storms

I am not a fan of fining and jailtime… I take the direct approach. Idiotic fashion statements? Trip them. Trying to start brushfires with their careless self-absorption? Ram their ass with your car. Simple, direct, to the point. They learn a lesson, you feel better. No cops involved. ^_^

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@MarcoNJ I agree with the pants thing. I hate it. That and the style where they show their boxers as well? I am torn between wanting to reach out and pull their pants down or reaching out and pulling them up so high that they can never dig the wedgie or their balls out again. Beating the snot out of them has merits too though.

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@rahm_sahriv See, that’s the thing. Were I live, they sag their pants to the point of completely exposing their boxers. Half the time they have to walk like a duck or hold onto their belt just to prevent their pants from falling all the way down.

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There’s an indie kid at my church who wears tight girlpants AND has them too low. I wish I could unlearn that he wears blue fruit-of-the-loom boxer briefs.

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I would like to implement a law where people who implement dumbass laws are put in jail.

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@Storms Mental bleach…

I’d want to create a law where a Congressperson actually had to listen to his or her constituents, not lobbyists or large corporations. Anyone violating that law would have to hold meetings with the angry constituents to explain why.

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If you killed someone and it wasn’t an accident, you will be killed in the exact same manner, as closely as it can be duplicated. If we have to guess how long the torture lasted, that’s okay by us. We don’t give a damn about your rights.

If you rape somebody, you will be raped in the same manner, and you will be castrated. Now you can get that job you’ve been whining about not being able to get. Get your ass out and go to work.

No more lobbyists, period. All calls are monitored, so no more using taxpayer dollars to conduct personal business. Get your ass to work, too. Stop acting like the criminals.

From now on, all public water fountains can be played in. Go nuts :)

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Actually, that is a good idea. If you are convicted of murder, you should be executed in the same manner in which you killed someone. Castration or female circumcision for rapists is a good call too (not all rapists are men). No more lobbyists is a good call, or riders attached to bills.

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But, in the spirit of the OP’s question…

If you paid for your purchase at the store with a check, waiting until every last item you were buying to be rung up before taking your checkbook out or before even opening up your purse to get the checkbook out…and then, after completely filling the check out with coupons in mind and putting your checkbook away, hassling the cashier about honoring your expired coupons for ten minutes before taking your checkbook out again after having had the manager called over to explain that 1300 was a long time ago and they really cannot honor your coupons as their establishment didn’t exist back then, you finally get around to paying for your items and allowing the line of 7000 people behind you to move forward <takes breath>...

You. Would. Die.

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@Storms I’m dying here. That was the best one so far!

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I live in eastern Kentucky. I think it should be legal to bitch slap and force the face down into the tobacco juice they spit like some people do when their dogs poop. “Look at what you just did! Bad, Nasty! Shame on you! Who do you think is going to clean that up?”

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Serial rapists (duh kind of guilty, they’re serial offenders) get execution by firing squad. No appeals, no inhumane lifelong prison sentences on the taxpayer dole.

Child molesters guilty beyond a shadow of doubt get execution by firing squad. No appeals, no inhumane lifelong prison sentences on the taxpayer dole.

I don’t believe in torture, not even for the torturers even though it’s tempting. For people who are a threat to the innocent, wipe them off history as quickly as possible with the least expense to the innocent. Victims should have their rights as dilegently protected as scumbags, they deserve our support for rehabilitation and care rather than the scumbags. The innocent deserve to live life and contribute to it while the scumbags already f**ked up their shots.

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I spent a summer in redneck country one year when I was little and I observed something that has left a lasting impression on me.

I want to make a law where every man who grows out his pinky fingernail longer than his other nails only to pick his teeth with… should have it rammed in his eye socket. That’s all.

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