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Best Online Stock Site for Foreign Investing?

Asked by thomasr (22points) April 6th, 2010

I want to start buying some stocks in both US based companies and foreign companies….from China for instance. Which online stock provider has the best foreign market info? Which company makes it easy to understand the data?

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The Motley Fool site will teach you everything you need to know about investing. Study and read until you fully understand what you are doing. Here are some of their foreign investing articles.

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* Intl. Trader—Global online brokerage for the individual investor. Worldwide real time quotes for clients. Much free global trading info. for non-clients, too.
* Investment Technology Group
* Euro Pacific Capital
* Charles Schwab Global
* Interactive Brokers
* Instinet—A Reuters Company.
* NeoNet—Direct Market Access and Agency Brokerage.
* International Assets Advisory Corp.
* Credit Suisse First Boston—Investment banking firm. Global provider of wholesale financial services.

I wouldn’t depend on just one brokerage for recommendations and analysis. I have “stuff” at Schwab and Fidelity but I look all over the web for further information.

The Motley Fool? I’d give em’ a C minus for overall performance.

Hulbert Financial Digest is a newsletter ranking service. They’re trustworthy because they’re not selling or recommending securities of any kind and you get the straight dope on the track records on those who do recommend.

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