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How can my little sis trade her pokemon from one game to an other with only one DS?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350points) April 6th, 2010

I know this isn’t possible,

We only have one DS, and a copy of Pokémon Diamond and Platinum,

And want to trade all her favorite Pokémon from Diamond into Platinum before trading Diamond in to game stop for credit toward Soul Silver

After that she wants to I’m sure, trade them into Soul Silver

It’s all becoming a big hassle, and I want to figure some kind of solution for her dilemma before or around her b-day this Friday

What can I do?

Will Game Stop help me trade them over with one of their demo DS’

Are there some trade networks in Minneapolis, we can meet with for help

Is it possible to trade between one of the Pokémon Wii games (which we can rent from Game Fly) and the DS?

Thanks for the help

Much love

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You can’t; ask one of her friends.

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I don’t think Game Stop will let you use their Demo DS’s for personal use unless you know someone who works there personally and they owe you a favor.

The best bet, always, is to try to find someone you know with a DS. Even if they live far away, you can do trade via WiFi with a third party. That would go something like this (for convenience let’s say the person has HeartGold):

Pokemon are traded from Diamond – > Heart Gold
Pokemon are traded from Heart Gold – > Platinum.

Of course you’ll need to find someone else to do this for you again when/if she wants to trade to Soul Silver.

You sister can’t be the only one of her friends with a DS, can she? Try asking around. Otherwise, as long as you have WiFi access, I may have time to be that third party person. PM me if you’re interested.

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well none of her other friends have DS’...she doesn’t have to many friends and the ones that do are awfully poor

as for the wi fi third party option…

i’d have to take some time to figure the wi fi thing out…i’m not to tech savvy

but i’ll PM you if i can’t find an other option…i’m try hitting up her cousins to see if they can come over with there DS’

thanks for the help

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My question is why you would want to trade in any Pokemon game. My friends and I have recently brought out the original games and the gameboy color. We nostalgia our socks off. Unfortunately you can’t do it with one, that is why I have a friend that I trade with. He got HeartGold and I got SoulSilver that way we could both get all the Pokemon. Maybe you should get a DS and the new game.

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If you bought a DS and a pokemon game, you could play with your sister and help her trade her pokemon to the newer game.

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@MebiByte That is the same point I was trying to make. Who do you trade with?

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i wish i could do that…i realy do want to

but i am unemployed and my parents can’t afford that

but thanks any how

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Just as another option, has a chat room for pokemon where you can find someone from around the world to possibly help you out. Good luck!

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good news…my sis was playing at the park and found a kid and there Dad that are going to help…thanks everyone

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