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Do you watch or agree with Judge Judy?

Asked by filmfann (44674points) April 6th, 2010

I spent this past weekend at my Fortress of Solitude, and we have no internet, phone service, or newspaper there. We do, however, have one television channel, and they played back to back Judge Judy.
I was shocked at how aggressive and heartless she was. She called people liars on a whim, and seemed driven to piss people off, rather than state good law.
Do you watch Judge Judy? Do you think she is fair? Do you watch any of the other television Judges? Who is the best?
This question was inspired by the question regarding Judge Lemkau.
A partial list of TV Judges:
Judge Joseph A. Wapner The People’s Court
Judge Judy
Judge Marilyn Milian The People’s Court
Judge Joe Brown
Judge Greg Mathis
Judge Hatchett
Judge Lynn Toler Divorce Court
Judge Mablean Ephriam Divorce Court
Judge David Young
Judge Maria Lopez
Judge Ed Koch The People’s Court
Judge Jerry Sheindlin
Judge Larry Joe Texas Justice
Judge Mills Lane The People’s Court
Judge Alex

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I am addicted to Judge Judy. She is entertainingly acerbic, but if you pay attention I think you will see that she hews closer to the law than do some less abrasive judges.

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“Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining!”

I like her. No around.

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it is a TV show. It isn’t justice. It is entertainment. Like a controlled Jerry springer Show.

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I like her. She is honest. She is a judge. It isn’t her place to be kind, sweet and caring. Justice is NOT compassion. People often mistakenly think the two are intertwined.

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She gets on my last fucking nerve. She abuses people, and abuses her power. One day I fully expect to hear of her unfortunate death from a psychopath who met her withering tongue in her courtroom. I will not cry a single tear.

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I like Judge Judy. She’s uncommonly frank and gives these “I lent my 3 boyfriends $5000 and they didnt pay me back” cases all the seriousness they deserve.

Really? You want her to die a violent death Phyllis? Harsh! Where does that come from?
Did she rule against you?

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She stays with the law. But this is TV. The rules of court are relaxed and the show pays the judgment.

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No,I believe it is all an act “BUT” it’s working for her. Google Judge Judy’s income.
You know,there is a real life version of Judge Judy,except Judge Judy is a Royal “B” ! Judge Draper from Florida is a World Class “C” voted by 20/20 as one of the worst and nastiest judges in the country!
*They took an anonymous poll with public defendants and prosecutors.

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I like her. MADAME! MADAME! or my all time favorite Shoulda! Coulda! Woulda!” I think she’s a little old and out of touch when she says “I never heard of that!” but how cute is she? She’s five foot nothin’ and I’d hate to get on her bad side.

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I used to watch her. Got tired of her. She is abusive and mean. Completely heartless to me, and very very rarely makes a fair judgement.

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I have been in courtrooms before, and I think Judge Judy resembles a horse far more than she resembles a Judge.

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@filmfann Of course,of course!!

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On the few occasions that I have seen her I find her to be witty, street smart, observant, wise, and extremely entertaining. The people who face her have to volunteer I believe so they cannot cry foul after the event. She only seems to deal with civil areas of law, or misdemeanors, not criminal so I see no problem.

(It is interesting to note the number of people here who seem to relate to the defendant more than to her. Maybe I haven’t watched her often enough. I don’t find her to be unfair, or failing at law,)

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I watch court shows all the time (secret admission). I’m on maternity leave right now and watch them. At work there is a television so I turn it on to the court shows. I do think some of the judges are very quick to jump to decisions and it shocks me quite often. I often thought I would not want to go on one of those shows for that reason alone. However, I try and remember that they have years of experience that I don’t have.

My favorite judge is Marilyn Milian (The People’s Court).
I really do not enjoy the Divorce Courts and the Paternity Cases. They get really old. The other stuff I like.

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I used to enjoy the original – Judge Wapner – but I got tired of the same ol, same ol.


She may be loud and overbearing at times, but she does keep her court in good order and under control, unlike Judge Joe Brown who allows the litigants to shout out and argue with each other. I like her style——logical, straight to the facts, cut to the chase, no hedging around kind of style. She is fair to both men and women, and I like the fact that she is often sympathetic to men fighting for custodial rights to their children. The justice system sometimes ignores this but not Judge Judy. I was watching one episode, and she told one female defendant who assaulted her ex-husband, “Just because you’re a woman doesn’t give you a right to hit a man. And just because you’re a woman doesn’t give you more right to be a parent to your child than the father.” She may be sharp-tongued, but she often speaks the truth, and the truth can be hard to listen to sometimes.

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I like Judge Judy. I don’t agree with her all the time, but I appreciate that she calls people out on their bullshit and doesn’t let people get away with their lies.

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Judge Judy rocks!

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She’s ok but it’s her accent that annoys me.

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I’ve only watched Judge Judy a few times, but find the people suing each other to be far more annoying than the judge. Personally, I think Judge Judy is mostly an act. It’s her TV persona and it makes her a lot of money. I don’t think she’s like that all of the time, because my husband worked in one of her homes for a while and met her a few times. He said she was gracious and very nice, not at all like the “Judge Judy” on TV. However, he also said she was clearly very on top of things (the house was a new construction and had a lot of work going on at once) and was clearly in charge.

Maybe once the cameras are on she lets that “in charge” aspect of herself have free-rein, and the result is Judge Judy.

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She’s awesome. And for all the crap that people fight over, they deserve the telling off. Maybe it will knock some sense into those people.

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I do have a wee crush on Marilyn Milian. I love me some attractive, authoritative women.

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@jjmah I love when she gets all pissed off and her accent comes through!

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I have seen a couple of episodes of Judge Judy and everytime I see them I end up turning off the t.v. That lady needs some anger management classes or put on some meds. Her temper rises way too fast. It sickens me to see anyone get that frustrated or in her case PIST so quickly. I can’t believe she has a job as a judge. I mean really? Is she thinking all that clearly when she is so mad? How many people do think rationally when they are that angry?

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@wasky9 I have seen a couple of episodes of Judge Judy and everytime I see them I end up turning off the t.v.

I am curious. After the first time or two – why do you turn it on to Judge Judy to begin with? Not thinking all that clearly?

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@DarkScribe No newspaper, no books, no telephone, no internet. Not enough time for a movie.
And only one television channel.

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In the early days, I did not like her. I thought she was rude,a racist,and chavenist(misspell). Now I don’t miss her at all because ,if you look pass her hollering, you will see that she (and Judge Milan too)give us what is in the Law. She is telling us how to come to court and be prepared. She does not take to unprepared Folks at all. Besides, these people are on their own accord to get that bill paid.

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I think she is great. She is fair and doesn’t stand any nonsense. I even think she has a heart though she never shows it.

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