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SPOILERS! ! ! ! ! So, who wants to talk about Breaking Bad?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34610points) September 15th, 2013

As the title of this question suggests, SPOILERS!!! Stop reading now if you’re not up to date on Breaking Bad…..

Well, now that we’ve got that out of the way, what are your thoughts on this show? What are your theories? How about what loose ends are there to tie up?

The way I see it, the loose ends are Walt’s family’s fate, Jesse’s fate, the ricin, the gun, the nazis, Lydia, and who is it that sprays Heisenberg in his house?

Did anyone else see a striking resemblance between Walt and Gus in this last episode ?

For as smart as Walt is and how much he’s been in control I don’t think he is anymore, I think he’s finally snapped, that said I believe he made the phone call to Skyler knowing full well the cops would be listening. I think he’s trying to get his family into witness protection.

Anyone else find this the most depressing episode of Breaking Bad they’ve ever watched?

Egh I can’t believe there are only two more episodes left….

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I watched the mythbusters episode about some of the chemistry in the show.
“Breaking Bad” Chemistry: Busted.
Hack writers: Confirmed. (You just had to see the so called “writer” try to pull excuses out of his arse why the shit in the show does not actually work when tested.)

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It would be kind of irresponsible to give a real working recipe for meth on television.

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OMG my favourite show I’m going to have to torrent the whole last season like everybody else here in Australia is doing…

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WOW. Yes, tonights episode was absolutely depressing. Seeing Walt Jr. pretty much have his world shattered….in seconds, then to turn on Walt when he had defended him for soo long! And the knife fight with Skylar….that was intense. Didn’t see it coming. I agree with you about the phone call. He is too smart to think the cops weren’t there/listening, and the way he was talking was Heisenberg style, not himself like he usually spoke to Skylar. He was so harsh….anyhow, at the end, he gets in the van to start a new life….so I don’t think he’ll be in contact with anyone from here on out. When Jesse tried to do that Saul said there was no going back, no getting in touch with people…..etc. But man, every prediction I had for the end of this show was completely shattered tonight. This episode threw me for a loop, aside from Hank dying. I am not sure what to think of Jesse’s situation. He looked gross and I think he’s fucked and they’re going to kill him….maybe….god who knows. Or, Walt kills all the Nazis with the ricin we saw him retrieving in that very early preview at the beginning of the season, when we saw his dilapidated house….Jesus!

and @ragingloli Who cares? No one watches it for the chemistry specifics….

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I file like the last two episodes could have been the finale. A shitty finale but one nonetheless.

I just want to know how it ends. I did a watching marathon for the first four seasons. Banged them out in about three days. I wish I had waited until it was all done to finish the rest. These are the longest weeks of my life.

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@ragingloli That’s funny coming from someone who’s obsessed with scifi…..

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@deni “Or, Walt kills all the Nazis with the ricin we saw him retrieving in that very early preview at the beginning of the season” I was thinking that since like Walt has become so much like Gus at this point. Gus poisoned the cartel maybe Walt would do the same with the Nazis but at the same time I just don’t see why he would. Revenge for Hank? Unlikely. Certainly not to save Jesse anymore. Only reason I can see him going after them really is if they go for his family. I don’t see why the Nazis would do that though since they have Jesse to teach them to cook.

Oh btw in case you guys haven’t seen this site, Heisenberg Chronicles has a ton of breaking bad stuff up every day. It helps hold me over till the next week….kinda….

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@johnpowell Longest weeks of my life haha agreed!

@uberbatman I didn’t make the comparison with Gus….but you really think he’s gonna go back and get involved with these people again even after calling Saul’s guy that starts your life over? Ugh, I mean, then again, if he doesn’t, what the last 2 episodes could possibly be about, I have no idea….so you must be right. Maybe it will still be him vs. Jesse and the ricin is for Jesse. BUT, remember at the beginning he was at that diner in some other town making a 52 for his birthday with bacon and eggs? He has all those guns….I feel like he wouldn’t need all those guns to kill Jesse, he must be going after the nazis. My other wild thought is that maybe he gets roped into it all over again, starts cooking cause he’s so money hungry and can’t resist….and what about his cancer? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!!

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@uberbatman THat website is awesome by the way thanks. It is helping, a little ha!

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I was blown away! I can’t believe this crap, it’s totally nuts…...It’s an unfortunate series of events, but it kind of had to happen.

I hope he goes after the nazis for taking all of that money, though. I feel bad for Hank’s wife and Walt’s family.

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@Blackberry I almost felt bad for Walt for a split second when I realized they were gonna take all his money. And when I say split second I mean really about ¼ of a second lol

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@deni Yea I just can’t see what else that big ol gun could be for if not the nazis. I think it’s possible if not probable it will come down to a Walt v Jesse show down but that would require Jesse to escape somehow. Perhaps he could use red phosphorus on Todd like Walt did with Emilio and Crazy 8. It’d be a nice call back to an earlier episode, something they seem rather fond of doing on this show. Still though I don’t think Walt would be carrying around a gun as massive as that for one guy. I also don’t really see any way for Walt to ricin Jesse. The more I think about it, I think the ricin may be for Lydia. They focus a lot on her tea…

I was thinking back about Gus too. When Hank first started looking into Gus he said he just kind of appeared out of no where. I’m thinkin maybe Gus used the same disappearing guy Walt used. Gus did it when he got in way to deep with the cartel(and they killed his partner). It was a way to get away , regroup, and then take down his enemy. Maybe Walt is doing the same.

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I almost feel as if there was some redemption on Walt’s part in this episode. His phone call to Skyler, as others have been talking about, did seem like a way of protecting her, acting as if he were solely responsible for everything that happened, that he was some kind of crime lord maniac and that even though Skyler knew about his activities, she’s “off the hook” now because of that phone call. And of course Walt trying to save Hank (whom I think he genuinely cared about). Taking Holly might seem the opposite of that, but I think he did that out of desperation and then when he heard her crying for her mom, he realized there was no way that he was going to be able to do anything but give her back.

The only thing that contradicted that was what he did to Jesse. Not really sure why he was so heartless to him in this episode; was it purely revenge for him helping the feds? Or did he blame Jesse for Hank’s death? Didn’t seem like Jesse deserved that.

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@DominicX The way Walt saw it IMO is, after everything him and Jesse have gone through together, all the close calls on their life and of getting caught by the cops it turned out to be Jesse, who in Walt’s mind is like another son to him, that flipped. His own “family” had ratted him out to the cops, that’s unforgivable.

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Walt was protecting Skyler with that phone call. I think Skyler realized what he was doing, and that’s why she said she was sorry. I think she was truly sorry for pulling the knife on Walt and she realized the sacrifice he made for his family by making that phone call.

I also couldn’t believe Walt said what he did to Jesse. I felt sorry for Jesse, but then my husband pointed out that Jesse was a rat and that Is unforgivable. He actually said “fuck Jesse, he’s a rat.” I still feel sorry for Jesse.

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Fuccckkk, when Honk told Walt that he was the smartest guy he ever met, I was tearing up.

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@Michael_Huntington Honk lol

@uberbatman Then I got to thinking….the theme throughout the course of the show about his cancer, coming and going, and even just one or two episodes back he was hacking while out in the desert. Could the cancer finally defeat him? Do you think that could play into the ending somehow? I mean, in a way, I feel like it would be a kind of lame ending, but then again, it is what started the whole thing, and it’s not like you can just brush cancer under the rug….this dawned on me today at work. I literally have talked about little else aside from Breaking Bad all week so far lol

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I stopped following this thread because I watch this on iTunes and thought I was up
To date but I was really an episode behind. Just watched it so now I’m going to relish reading the whole thread. :-)

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@deni FTIW Ricin has been used experimentally in medicine to kill cancer cells.. It may be crazy but I’ve learned to never discount crazy with this show….

I thought this was pretty amazing too
“Did the script really say: “HOLLY: [cries] Mama! Mama!”? Because that baby delivered.
Walley-Beckett: We got very, very lucky, didn’t we Rian? We got lucky because that was a shaky moment for the baby. It’s a stressful situation for little kids. It was not scripted. She was looking at her mom off-stage and started saying that at the exact moment where it is scripted that Walt has a pang that this is morally reprehensible to do this to his daughter, to deprive her of a normal life. And this little baby just started looking at mom and we just rolled.
Johnson: The baby’s mom was like three feet away, right next to the camera. The baby was not actually screaming for her mother. As scripted it was just going to be this beautiful powerful moment where Walt looks at her. He brings her up to eye level and looks into her eyes and has that realization. I remember we were gathered around the monitor and he raises her and up and she started saying “mama,” and we all just looked at each other.”

That scene became so much more powerful because of her saying Mama… I can’t imagine what it would have been like otherwise.

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Will someone remind me who it was that he was telling Jessie that he watched die? I only have a faint memory of that from a previous season.

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@Judi Jane . This is unfortunately the best vid I can find. Couldn’t seem to find the actual scene

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@Judi Jesse’s girlfriend for a while. I think they met in those rehab meetings or whatever? And she was clean but he was doing meth and she started using with him and then they started doing heroin. She overdosed while Jesse was passed out and Walt had come over because he needed something from Jesse that was urgent (I remember it being a big deal but can’t remember what it was).....but when he showed up and finally broke into the house (I think to get some money that was hidden there) she sat up and vomited then choked on it and died while he watched. He didn’t do anything because Jane didn’t like Walt and was an “issue”.

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Thanks. The vomit reference refreshed my memory.

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@deni He broke in to get the meth that Jesse had under his sink so that he could meet Gus’ guy and make that first deal. This was also when Holly was born.

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@uberbatman Right! Thanks for the refresher

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18 hours…. I can’t believe it’s almost over…forever…

I’ve been playing Scribblenauts a lot lately. One thing led to another and then this happened :P

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So good. So perfect. Things ended a little too well for Walt, overall, if you ask me. Other than that I loved it!

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@uberbatman Super cool drawing!

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