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My ear REALLY hurts. It's something to do with pressure. Please help me?

Asked by JessK (599points) April 7th, 2010

I went to bed last night after taking a shower and woke up at 3 AM with a splitting pain in my left ear. I am taking antibiotics for strep throat, in case that helps. I’ve tried taking a shower and doing the salvasa maneuver and am chewing gum right now but all it does is makes a tiny little pop and still does nothing for the pain. I can hardly hear out of it.

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Sorry your ear hurts, JessK. I know that feeling. You may have an ear infection along with strep, so you might have to go back to the doctor. If there is any drainage from the ear, make sure you call/go right away, as you could have a popped eardrum (which I have had and causes a great deal of pain).

Take some Motrin for the pain until you can get to the doctor. I hope you feel better!

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There are a number of variations of flu about at the moment that have sudden and intense and pain as a symptom. Where are you geographically?

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East coast. I’m sorry, but I don’t have the flu… at least I’m pretty sure. We’ve already gone to the doctor. My brother and sister both just had strep and experienced this pain but not as badly. We took my brother to the doctor and they couldn’t find anything wrong.

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I’ve heard that blowing warm air from a blow dryer into your ear can help alleviate ear pain. Never tried it myself so I don’t know if it really works.
You can also try pouring some peroxide in your ear. Let it sit for a while, then drain it. Sometimes in the draining of the peroxide, the ear will pop. Just don’t stick any thing in your ear to clean it. Just let it slowly drain.

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Try a decongestant to relieve the ear/sinus congestion.

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Sorry if this sounds obvious but… if at all possible go see a doctor.

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Just be very careful with it, I mean the heating part. Take a look at this: BUT DO GO TO A DOCTOR.

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@roundsquare : Stole my answer, you did.
(Go see a doctor!)

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I’m not a medical expert, but the throat infection may have caused the eustacian (sp?) tube to be blocked. This would prevent pressure from being relieved in the inner ear. You should see a doctor about this.

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Hold your ear closer to the computer screen, and let me look at it.

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Use a hairdryer, to dry up the moisture in your ear. it works. i have used it on all three kids.

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You’ve tried the rest, now here’s the best….........solution.

Bend your head over to the left side. insert your little finger inside your ear. now shake your little finger vigorously up and down until you feel the water leave your ear.


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Are there any answers here that can help?

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OK. Now there’s popcorn going off in my ear. Is this a good sign? It’s been doing this for at least 15 minutes but I can’t tell any difference.

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Hold your nose, close your mouth and try to breathe out hard through your sealed nose.

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So, apparently I have a burst eardrum. Fun, right?

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Could be you shoved ear wax into your ear when you cleaned it after showering. Do you have an appointment with your doctor yet?

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