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Can I use this (link down below) to connect speakers to my t.v?

Asked by xboxfan (110points) April 7th, 2010

Can I use CD Home Music System by Durabrand to connect to my t.v? If so, how do I do it?

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If you wish though it isn’t what it was designed for – why would you want to? It is a CD Player and they will generally have an auxiliary input. Use that.

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Well, you’ll need RCA cables. If your TV and your system there has these outputs, then you need these RCA cables.

But I agree with @DarkScribe, that system isn’t designed for handling the sound of a TV. You need speakers with the wattage and frequency response and all that. You’d be better off getting something like the photo in the link. It’s only $100.

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@aprilsimnel i have the RCA cables, but do you know how to cnnect it?

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I’d need to see the back of both to give you a good answer.

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both t.v and stereo?

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This might be more helpful to you than me seeing your components.

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