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What does the term "Heavy" mean?

Asked by freckles (363points) April 7th, 2010

As in “he’s not heavy he’s my brother.” Or like in the Beatles’ song “She’s so heavy.” Is this a term used alot in the 60’s 70’s ?

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It’s hippy speak for anything that is down or draining.

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One meaning is intense as in; That was some heavy shit we smoked!

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In this case the word heavy is basically meant literally. Here’s where the phrase comes from:'t_Heavy,_He's_My_Brother#Origin_of_the_title

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as in “He ain’t heavy…” it means I don’t mind sharing his burdens. otherwise, it’s “profound” like “Man that’s some heavy word he be layin’ down”

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She’s the handbrake in my life!!!!!!!

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“There’s that word again, heavy. Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the earth’s gravitational pull?

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In the words of the great philosopher Cheech Marin: Heavy responsablity is really a heavy responsablity.

Heavy means deep meaning, intense, or difficult. It is not shallow or light. It is weighty. She’s So Heavy was not written about 300 lb Mama Cass, but about 105 lb Yoko Ono. She was so deep, so multilayered. She was a heavy chick.

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Ok, so a follow up question. How does this word relate to the word deep when it’s used in a similar sense. Like “doesn’t matter where you’ve been, so long as it was deep.” Or ‘that’s some really deep stuff, man!’


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”...about 105 lb Yoko Ono. She was so deep, so multilayered. She was a heavy chick.”

And the reason the Beatles broke up.

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@rebbel I never believed that. The reason they broke up was that everyone had grown in different directions, and that their was a lot of jealousy and paranoia in the group.

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No, that’s probably just a small bit of a bigger whole.
That Wikipedia-page states a list of reasons.
(They make Wiki’s about everything, eh?)

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@silverfly GA for the Back to the future reference. If i could i’d give you more than one.

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It can mean a lot of things.

In the Hollies’ song, you can take it literally: “a great weight”. In the song, the lyrics are about ‘carrying’ a brother. And while the ‘carrying’ itself may be a metaphor for “support”, in terms of a ‘carry’ you should consider that the brother is considered to be ‘not a great weight’, because of the relationship.

I’m not familiar with the Beatles’ song. Or at least it’s been so long since I heard it that I’ve forgotten the lyrics—and don’t care to look them up right now. (The topic’s not heavy enough for me… ;)

In terms of flight, a “heavy” plane is one that is just taking off… it has a full payload (passengers, freight or bombs) and fuel. (Presumably a freight or passenger plane that is landing will be lightened only to the extent of the spent fuel, but these days one never knows.)

In literature a “heavy” (used as a noun) is often an enforcer type: a policeman or Mob hit man or debt collector who uses corporal punishment to effect his collections.

It’s also a metaphor for “deep” and ‘thought-provoking” ... or “hard” ... or “bad”, depending on context:
heavy weather = bad, very stormy weather
heavy duty = hard usage (or built for that)

This discussion is getting too heavy for me.

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Heavy Duty. use to be a womans call name on the CB radio back in the 70s.

Was she a prostitute?

Or, did her batteries just have a large charge? we will never know.

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It means not lite.

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It means, interesting shit.

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way to much to handle, or take in.

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too much of a load to carry as it refers to in the song. i have performed it many years ago. That’s how I took it.

heavy is also deep. as in the beatles.

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Lots of things for example Heavy can mean to every people on earth something different.
EXAMPLE – - – - -> Chair ! well what do you think when some one says “chair”?
I think something you can sit on and made out of four legs while someone else thinks of
“have four legs and made of wood has to be conformable and so on.
What i want to say is you can’t just define “Heavy”
“Heavy” means to me an object that is attracted by gravity because it has high mass.
or in the mind having it hard.

I don’t know if it will help, But i hope so

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