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How often should I trim my hair if I'm planning on letting it grow back long? I get a perm every six weeks and wash it every two weeks and my hair is thick.

Asked by babyscorpio718 (29points) March 9th, 2008 from iPhone
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Are you going to continue to get a perm? Growing hair out is tedious, time-consuming and messy. Just bite the bullet and skip haircuts for several months. If you can’t stand it, have a friend just trim the bottom. Is hair coloured, natural, gray? That makes a difference.

I just spent a year growing mine out and hated it. Luckily I discovered a place that will cut thick wavy hair( w. cowlicks) dry and carve in layers underneath. I am assuming, BTW, that you are a woman?

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i’m a guy with fast growing, thick hair (and i’m nearing 30 years old, so i thank the gods and darwin and all of the universe daily)... if i made a proper effort to grow my hair, i’d trim it monthly.

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I think you should trim it lightly every 6 weeks or so just to knock the dead ends off. And why do you only wash it every two weeks?

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I have noticed that as I have aged and gone more gray, I no longer use soap on my face and wash my hair much less. Sadly, it is the “prune” effect. My mother, at 93, washes her pretty white hair only every two weeks. and she looks very pretty.

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Well the constant perming will fray the ends, so I am with Scamp on every 6 weeks. From your other posting about nails, I am telling you, prenatal vitamins help grow hair and nails. My hair/nails used to grow so slow until I started taking them suckers. I don’t think you should just let your hair grow out for months and months because you really do need to trim at least 1/8th to 1/4 inch off to keep your hair growing healthy. I get 1/8th trimmed every 2–3 months, but I don’t perm or do any heat damage.

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you must be black :) I have that hair too. First, you really shouldnt be perming every 6 weeks. Try every 2–3 months, that’s what I do. You should trim every 3 months

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@gailcalled I know just what you mean! My hair is almost 50%gray now, and it is more coarse too. But between the prune effect and the chemicals from the coloring, I prefer to wash it more often and use a good conditioner to keep it soft. if I went two weeks without washing it, it would get horribly dry and brittle. Plus, it just doesn’t feel fesh. My Mom used dove soap on her face well into her 70’s, and it helped her complexion quite a bit without drying it out. But everyone is different, and our hair/skin is different as well, so we all need to do what is right for us.

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