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What is a perfect example of a question that belongs in a forum other than Fluther?

Asked by gailcalled (54614points) March 9th, 2008

133 answers; aren’t there other ways to blah blah blah?

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the reason fluther may eventually fail?

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Why is the fluff in my belly button blue?

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Apple related techie questions on the iPhone and itouch, etc which could be answered/researched at:

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Relationship advice that is asked on a daily basis and “how-to” questions that should be requested on specific DIY sites.

To be honest Gail in the example you provided, the collective was involved, therefore reducing the negativity of that thread to opinion only. Those that wished not to participate didn’t and the fact that so many were involved in a single question was exciting, in that the context of the question stemmed on the curiosity as to why we were on Fluther and not experiencing life outside of the computer… we proved why because it was enjoyable to be apart of the collective.

It might not have been an “intelligent” question on the grounds that it required little to no intellect to answer but the vast majority was excited to be apart of something simplistic.

At the same time I respect the Fluther ideal and do not want to contribute to its demise.

Highest Regards,

Daniel Riser

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What if Ben and Andrew were able to design some sort of “chat” for Fluther? Something that would not be posted (for others to have to sort through) but a live chat of sorts. That would minimize the amount of posts (i.e. 133 posts on the question in… um… question)

Just a thought.

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I apologize for that example. Riser and I were enjoying fucking with beenzy’s odd hatred of me. (not that that’s an excuse)

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If I have sex with my best friend’s girlfriend, am I a whore?

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