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Have you been a victim or culprit of Facebook drama?

Asked by Kokoro (1424points) April 8th, 2010

I was watching the episode of South Park last night parodying the drama created from social networking websites. Some include:

“Why is your relationship status SINGLE?!”
“You commented to some girl saying _______ What did you mean by that?!”
“Why are you POKING him?”
“You are always commenting on his wall!”
“How come I’m not on your top friends?”
“Why are you friends with your ex?”

Etc. You get it. Please share some stories you have. :)

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No on both counts. I have family & good friends on there whom I love. I go there to get AWAY from the drama.

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I don’t get involved in drama like that on facebook, Im only there for my family and friends that live out of state and also just to play my Vampire Wars game :)...I steer quite clear from drama.

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Very funny episode. Why people do that farmville shit is beyond me.
I have a FB friend, who I grew up with, who is apparently going thru a divorce. One day his status is In A Relationship, the next day is Single, and he gets a lot of sympathy from his collective. The next day he thought he patched it all up, and listed as Married. The next day…well it just kept changing. Funny to watch, but also sad.

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That type of drama is precisely why I don’t have a Facebook profile.
That episode was fantastic!

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An even better parody of Facebook.
Neither, but I have noticed one thing. As an older member of Facebook, with many an experience come and gone, I have noticed that “time heals old wounds” and old rivals can be friends. Which is why I’m friends with my ex’s ex.

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I’ve been sort-of involved in facebook drama, where someone made a teasing comment about someone else, who took the comment extremely personally. To be honest, it was a situation just waiting to occur in real life, but because it happened on facebook first there was a lot on public display and people were able to write very lengthy replies.

If you’ve ever wanted to blow things out of proportion, facebook is the way to do it.

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Facebook is for losers.


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Nope, all of my friends are adults :)

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I haven’t, but now I want it to happen.

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Fun fact: I have the same birthday as Kip
And Geezer Butler from Sabbath

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I haven’t, since I don’t use Facebook, but I get a lot of the stories second hand from my Daughter-In-Law who is an expert in that kind of ‘drama’.

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Nope I haven’t, and I hope it never happens.

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Usually that sort of stuff stops once you get out of high school.

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My husband started a Facebook account last August to promote his radio show. We never told my mother about the show because we knew she would find it offensive, and I was waiting for the day for my mom to notice a “Randomassradio” as a friend of most of her children. She finally asked me about it, and I could tell she felt left out since her children were friends with him but she wasn’t. Jon requested her friendship, telling her that she would probably not like what he posts.

I just got a call from my sister the other day. Mom told her that my husband is creating a bad environment for our children because of his foul language on Facebook. Really?!? my children aren’t even on Facebook. “That’s for old people” they say. ;)

haha….I’m watching South Park right now. I can completely relate to Stan’s relationship with Randy. My mother takes this Facebook shit way too seriously. Mom, I do not want to be friends with my cousin I never met!

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