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Do you have any good stories of finding former (missing) friends or making great new friends on facebook or myspace?

Asked by jca (36043points) February 7th, 2009
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How far can friends go missing when you’re only 14 years old?

Yes, I know adults use those too, but judging by the obnoxious layouts, interpersonal drama, and wangst on those sites, it can’t be that many.

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@laureth actually many adults use Facebook.

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I’m connected with my first boyfriend, who probably is my soul mate, but married to someone else that he loves, and my best friend from high school, who married a Southern Baptist minister who wouldn’t let her have anything to do with me because I’m Catholic.

I love Facebook, or did. Some of the apps are a pain, and I avoid them. MySpace tends to be younger, and sillier, except for musicians. MySpace Music has taken the place of having an agent if you’re an aspiring musician, and fills an interesting niche in music marketing.

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I’ve come across a couple people but nothing I’m overly “OMGWTFBBQ!!!11111!!!1!!” about or anything.

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This isn’t a facebook or myspace connection, but it’s kind of a neat story. I googled our daughters full name randomly one day to see what would show up and there was another baby with her exact name (first and last) in Santa Barbara. Our last name isn’t very common. So we sent them a message on their blog and have been keeping in touch, this weekend they let us stay at their home in Santa Barbara and we are going to meet on Sunday, how crazy is that?! That’s the Internet for you.

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And I did meet a young woman who lives in Ireland who was born in the same village in Romania that my grandparents came from. Her maiden name is the same as mine. And we look similar from the nose up. In a village of 1000 people our common ancestor was born in 1825.

Her mom remembers my grandmother and aunts visiting in 1868.

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I don’t know if you will consider this a good story or not, but I found a certain Child molester that I have been keeping track of on Myspace. He has a bunch of very young girls on his friend list.

I am going to send them all a message with his law enforcement flyer to alert them of who they were dealing with, and will also send the information to the powers that be on Myspace to get him booted off.

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scamp: wow….

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I spend most of my time on facebook being stalked by all the girls who wouldn’t speak to me when I was at school.

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Not exactly missing friends in the sense that they couldn’t have been located, but I’ve definitely found friends I haven’t talked to in years—a long lost cousin whom I only remember as a child, colleagues across the country or abroad that I haven’t had an opportunity to see in years.

The really cool thing about Facebook to me is the range of friends I’ve ended up with. My oldest friend is 79 and my youngest is 24. I have friends from four continents. Who knew that a social networking site would appeal to such a diverse crowd?

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I have a blog on LiveJournal, so y’all can laugh at that if you want. ;) But I have found old friends on there, too. There just aren’t any good stories attached.

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I have a problem with the “Friends” part of Facebook.
I don’t have a clue if I liked or hated any of the people from high school. I can recognize a lot of them but I don’t have a clue if we got along or not.

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I met my partner on Facebook. When I first started, I didn’t get the whole application thing, and accepted the Human Pet application a friend sent. I was a bit uneasy about the nickname that showed up under my photo, but couldn’t figure out where to change it.

Finally I posted a question asking how I could change my nickname, only to find out that it’s your “owner” who sets the nickname. My (now) partner was browsing through “pets” to collect points (it’s just part of the application) and saw my question. He “bought” me so that he could change the nickname for me.

He then noticed I lived in the same city (which isn’t very large), and that my profile said I was new to town and looking to meet some new people. He was also curious about the cameo I was wearing in the photo. He ended up messaging me to see if I’d like to go for coffee sometime. He almost didn’t send the message. He was worried I might think he was just creeping on me (from the photo, he thought I was fair bit younger than I actually am). Neither of us had any romantic intentions initially, but when we met, we totally hit it off. The rest is history.

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@jca what a coincedence! After posting this I looked at his flyer on the FDLE website and I see they just brought him in to re-register yesterday!

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@scamp It’s not a coincidence. Quit followin’ me around on MySpace and messin’ up my plans.~

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@Sakata good thing I have a good sense of humor and I know you are not him! I intend to be a thorn in his side for the rest of his miserable life.

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Well good luck with that.

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Thanks! I’ve had good results so far.

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I do not have MySpace or Facebook. My parents and my brother do. My parents encourage me to, but I want to make sure I get into highschool first. My friend got turned down because his Facebook was R. Poor Kid.

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When I was in high school, my best friend was a girl who had just moved there. She liked punk music, odd movies, theater, weird books…. We got along incredibly well. She never got along well with her father (her parents were divorced), and after high school graduation she went off to college near her mother and I lost touch with her. For years I wondered what cool thing she had been doing.

Recently she found me through Facebook, and it turns out that she’s been married twice, she’s become a conservative evangelical Christian, and she’s a stay-at-home mom. I think I preferred my speculation to what I actually found out.

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A quick update….. The creeps Myspace account has been deleted, and I got a message from the mother of a 12 year old girl he was “baiting” thanking me for alerting them. (I sent messages to all the people on his friend list before reporting him to Myspace because he had 14 very young girls on his list.) The Mother of the 12 year old copied all the messages he sent her daughter and is sending them to law enforcement. They were pretty explicit. Just last week, he started asking her to meet him.

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Before my father married my mother he had a daughter and was married before… I never knew here, I only knew that she existed. In 2006, I was sitting in my computer course and was looking on the myspace page and looked up her name for fun. I ended up finding my half sister. She moved in with us before I graduated high school… My father was so happy…

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Wasn’t there a story about how this girl found her long lost twin on MySpace?

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i joined facebook about a month ago. since then, i have found my babysitter from 1st and 2nd grade, my best friend from 1st to 3rd grade, my best friend from high school, my ex and his new wife (who i am friends with also) from high school, my hairdresser who i was friends with from when i was about 20, another ex from high school who now lives across the country, and last but not least, (to make a long story short my dad left my mom when i was little and got remarried) a woman with same last name wrote me and asked if i was (my mother’s name’s) daughter. it seems she is my half sister. there is a whole club of people with my last name (which i won’t tell you but it’s not common) so i joined that, too.

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I joined a few years back and then forgot how to access the account so this year when I found the passwords and went to cancel the thing all together, I found a 2yr old message from a relative I’d been trying to catch up to for some years. A few days later, another MIA friend found me and made me promise to keep the account going. It’s growing on me.

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I moved from NY when I was 9 (in between 4th and 5th grade). When I got on Facebook I looked up a friend from NY, who I had not spoken to since I had moved. I sent her a message, and she immediatly wrote me back, remembered me, what I used to bring for lunch, lots of crazy details. She mentioned a few of the other people from our class, I remembered everyone she said and she linked me up on FB with them. One of them, as I browsed her FB page had a first grade class picture posted with me in it. I love being back in touch with them.

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One more. I have a very rare last name. My fathers family barely is in touch with each other. His father and his fathers siblings immigrated to the US at different times. In total there were 5 siblings, but we only know the child and grandchildren of one of them, everyone else we had no idea where they were. I searched facebook and found one of my relatives.

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I’ve found plenty, but they don’t talk much. I guess conversation has been replaced by status updates, blogs, photos (which I appreciate) and quiz answers. More addressing the whole friend list, a LOT less personal interaction. That is my experience so far.

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Actually, I do. My current boyfriend and I used to go to the same school, but we didn’t really talk much. I found him on Facebook and we hit it off really well. We’ve been together for just over 3 months now.

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