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how do I make my ex jealous so she wants me again? I really really love her

Asked by BioTechWarrior (119points) March 9th, 2008
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walk around with a really hot chic and make sure u look hot too. Just act like your really happy and having fun. I always get jealous when I see my ex with his new girlfriend cause she’s hot and I’m not even in love with him

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If you really love her you wouldn’t be trying to make her jealous.

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dude it is never the same the second time around… Making her jealous could backfire and make things worse…. If she really still has feelings for you just going on with your life will work better then anything. The worst thing you can do is continue to contact her… That will just not give her time to miss you… And keep what ever broke u up in the first place in the front of her mind. The hardest thing to do is take a break from someone you love, but if they are in a space where they don’t feel the same or need some time let that happen. Believe me it is the only way you can play it. That saying is so true if you love someone let them go if they come back it is meant to be

Its so funny, u always think the girl you are with is the best thing that ever happened, until the next one comes along….

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i concur with isteve and riprock. Hard to do, thats what I am doing now myself. No use in forcing or convincing a girl that she loves u…

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Couldn’t agree more with those above me!

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yep, I agree with Isteve. If you really love her youd let her go

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its not the answer you want but they are right. Two things as a follow up. One, appearing needy is never, under any circumstance, attractive. Two, its not worth lying to yourself about. There is a reason you are no longer together. Learn something from it as opposed to sulking over it. Things get better, they always do, not that you can expect someone to believe that when they are pissed. That doesn’t stop it from being true though.

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you should have sex with her mom.

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Game playing and manipulation never work in the long run.

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you dont want to trick her into wanting you back. if it didnt work the first time, it prolly wont work the second time. i got jealous and took my old boyfriend back, and after a few months we were back to the same old crap.

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Make her jealous by moving on with your life and fixing the things in you that you want to change. This is an opportunity to make your life better, to make it how you want it. Find goals, and accomplish them. Try to become a happy, loving, contented person. Explore the world around you. Become whole.

And if your ex wants you back, and you get back together and everything is happy and you get married and etc, then great. If you get back together and break up later anyway, then at least you’re a happier, more fulfilled person. And if she never wants you back… then you still have your life and your happiness.

Good luck.

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eadinand: I am curious, u speak from oerso experience? How old are u, man I’d woman? I agree w u (see above), but I can be sooooo hard to let go sometimes, and of course the reasons for a break up can be so different. When it is because of “external” reasons, it is hard not to hope. Still, the “making her jealous” game is wrong, I agree….

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“The best revenge is to live well.”

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Just move on. You’ll save yourself stress and drama.

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My advice is:

Re-read what you asked us. Then, ask yourself what advice you would give anyone else asking this sad, sad question. I really feel for you, because getting over someone you love is maybe the hardest thing in this world to do. But if she’s moving on, nothing is going to make her change her mind, especially not an attempt at making her jealous with someone new. Good luck.

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You need to be careful – if she see’s you with another girl, she may back off. Just go up to her and talk normally….for old times sake.

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I know it sounds like a broken record, but it is true that if you love her, you wouldn’t try to make her jealous. My ex (kids’ father) tries that and gets with all these women. It’s sad and pathetic. PLUS, it hurts me, it doesn’t make me jealous. If you love her, you’ll let her know and if she wants you, ok, if not, ok.

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