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When it happens, what do people pay attention to you for?

Asked by wundayatta (58596points) April 8th, 2010

Is this attention that you want or appreciate? How much attention do you feel most comfortable with? What do you do to get the attention you want?

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My words, my opinions, my dance and my body. I don’t feel comfortable with randoms on the street undressing me with their eyes and I don’t feel comfortable with the entire room shushing down because I’m saying something ‘controversial’. But when I volunteer words, I stand by them and know of all that I might encounter, positive and negative. I do get the attention many issues need to get through my community work and my activism – luckily I am friends with many kick ass people who, when they hear a rallying call, answer and lead to change. A rallying call is sent out via email or facebook.

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My bod… I know…go figure!

I have 20–20 vision, but my eyes still can’t undress anyone, dangitall..

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I direct and act in community theatre, so every couple of months I have a weekend where crowds of people applaud for me. I love the attention when it is for a performance that I have crafted, but I would hate a crowd of people scrutinizing me personally. I am very shy if I am not playing a character.

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what some people would call a hissy fit… gets the most serious attention.

Random acts of kindness and problem-solving events do elicit momentary praises.

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Intelligence and sense of humor.

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My endless charisma!

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Probably my appearance and what I am doing first. Then my voice and what I am saying.
Excessive attention is annoying, but I do like some attention.
This question reminds me of when my man and I went to the mall last week. Stares, pointing, gestures, whispers. It really creeped me out.

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People like me because when I pay attention to them it’s good attention.

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@Facade Why were they staring and pointing at you?

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@janbb Hell if I know, but we stuck out like a sore thumb.

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Being 6ft 7 with a massive afro.. I don’t mind the attention tho, well ok, when I’m in a pub or summat and get the usual puns thrown my way.. I mean come on, originality anyone?... =P

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Not much; I’m invisible most of the time.

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My spot-on imitation of Jack Nicholson ;)

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My pumpkin shaped butt.

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@Captain_Fantasy -Must be popular around Halloween! lol

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I talk. I never meet a stranger and I can talk to anyone about almost anything. I don’t know a lot about any one thing, but I know enough about most things to hold my own in a conversation. I don’t set out to attract attention, but I will talk to people if the occasion warrants it and I am comfortable enough with myself, when I do, that most people are receptive in a positive manner.

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I let them touch my tattoo.

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My Fluther answers, my singing, and my cooking.

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According to the girlfriend, I’m enchanting. And, she says that everyone who meets me, adores me. Her words.

Maybe, she’s just whipped…

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I have the kind of personality that doesn’t require that I conscientiously seek out attention. And I don’t require attention to the degree that most others seem to. I grew very independent over the years in preference to relying on others to dictate how I feel about myself.

I will ask for attention from my husband (sometimes friends), though, because it’s a relationship that I pay detailed attention to. I don’t want the relationship to get sloppy because I was oblivious to something being wrong, and now that he understands why that’s important, he does the same in return.

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Yeah, same here, have no ‘need’ for much attention, but, I get plenty of it anyway with my humor, open personality and my manner of dress often.

Just a little while ago I had so much fun joking and talking with several customers in a little boutique I frequent, we were going on & on about all sorts of silly stuff…I love playing with random people!

I was joking about becoming a ‘madam’ in my mid-life, that I could be the Heidi Fliess of the mountains…..cater to the local DA and other high end officials in my county. A perfect supplemental ‘possistion.’ haha

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My dream interpretations, but those are just my kids, my chocolate chips cookies, and my interior design.

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My opinion, perspective, experience, positive attitude (yeah, I know), advice and because I give good love.

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@Coloma Fantastic idea! Which mountains? I need a job….because I love playing with random people, too :)

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I live in the Sierra Nevada foothills in Ca.

Yep, might be about time to turn my place into the Ponderosa! lol

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@lucillelucillelucille The ladies like that all year round. Ain’t nothing seasonal there baby. *
*Read the above line in the voice of Billy Dee Williams

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I say the same about my partner and yeah, some folks think I’m whipped ;p

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