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What is the best way to propose?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6594points) April 8th, 2010

P.S. which ever answer has the most lurve is what I will do!

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P.S. which ever answer has the most lurve is what I will do!

Hmmm. We could have some fun with this…

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This is something you should not take a poll to figure out. You know your prospective fiancee better than any of us. Do what will make her happy.

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@darkscribe indeed
@WestRiverrat yawn

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@WestRiverrat this isn’t really a poll, it’s not a yes or no question, it’s more like… how would you propose. I don’t think it should be described as a poll.

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In the way that makes the person you ask say yes.

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More information needed. Is she likely to be expecting a proposal, or would it really be a surprise? How long have you known each other? Do you live together?

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@RandomMrdan There are different kinds of polls. Granted this one is very open ended, but it is still polling us on how we would propose.

@LKidKyle I just think your fiancee would prefer something that came from you instead of a total stranger.

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nah she will never know
just kiiiiding. but still i am curious what everyones ideas are

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Well, I happen to know you’re already engaged, and she still wants to be proposed to (I know the circumstances where as not everyone on fluther does) , so she may get an idea you may propose if you set the mood a bit much.

I’d say, maybe plan a weekend get away or something, make it a very special weekend, and find the timing, and the location you want to do it at. Try and make it as memorable as possible, I’m sure you’ll both have fun telling future children and grandchildren how you proposed to her.

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Take her out to a restaurant, but first talk to the staff and arrange to have a “special” menu printed up to be used at your table. You can propose in writing. (Just be careful that it doesn’t get given to the grandma at the next table.)

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Just throw the ring at her and hope she understands.

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You definitely have to do this. Buy three tickets to the big game. Get a friend of hers to take her to the game. Hire a plane. Fly over the stadium and jump out. Your parachute should have a huge sign saying ”[her name], will you marry me?” You land on the field, quickly get out of your gear, and rush up to her seat, and, kneeling with ring in hand, propose to her.

If she says yes, they won’t dare arrest you! ;-)

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Well… from what I’ve read on this site in the past then don’t offer her a ring that belonged to anyone else you ever proposed to unless the stone is of great quality and put into a new setting that’s been picked just for her.

*Her favorite restaurant.
*At a beautiful spa/resort or while on vacation.
*Starlight picnic with a bouquet of flowers and candles.
*Disneyland before closing when the fireworks go off (there’s a magic wishing well for this type of thing).

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@wundayatta I’m pretty sure that’d be impossible to say no to.

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While she’s sitting on your lap, take her face gently in your hands. Look her straight in the eyes and tell her you love her more than life itself, and ask her to please, please marry you. Worked on me. :D

Good luck!

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I don’t know that I would spring the question in a stadium. It didn’t work for this guy. Epic fail.

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My brother in law made a few phone calls and set this up.
My sister loves Disneyland, and her favorite character is Snow White.
At an appointed time, Mike (my b-i-l) lead my sister Pat to the area near the wishing well, near the castle. Snow White appeared, and walked right up to my sister, and said “Hi Pat! Let’s go to the wishing well, and see if all your dreams will come true!” My sister when ga-ga. It hadn’t struck her as strange at all that Snow knew her name.
They walked up to the wishing well, and Mike began to propose. Pat looked at him for a moment, and said “Shhhh! Snow is talking to me!”, then realized what was happening.
Nice moment.

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