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Has anyone tried the Vibram Five Fiver shoes?

Asked by Targaryen (16points) April 8th, 2010

I have had a lot of foot problems when running and walking medium to long distances so I bought some Vibram Five Finger KSO shoes and I wanted to what any of you have thought of them

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I have been thinking of buying some after extensive research on the Internet. Please let me know how you like them. I’m still buried in snow where I live, so barefoot running is out of the question.

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Check your posture and heel to toe “technique”. Poor mechanics can lead to unnecessary aches and pains.

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My wife has a pair, she bought them a couple years ago when they first came out. She rarely uses them, and says they’re not very comfortable. Apparently they hurt your toes for the first few weeks, and she never got over how they cover her feet.

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I got blisters the first time out (20 min run) but so far my knees and foot tendons feel great. I’m excited to slowly start extending my runs. I do get a lot of looks and questions tho.

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I worry about blisters with them too. That would suck.

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I can’t put them on because of arthritic toes. They just won’t cooperate without too much pain. I’m very disappointed, because I hurt my Achilles tendons while running, and I was hoping these would reduce the tension on them.

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You could try just running barefoot. I know that it is not often practical.

I read a news story last year about a guy in Toronto who hasn’t worn shoes in 20 years. He’ll sometimes put on some flip flops when he’s out in snow. That’s dedication. Think of how much $$ he saved.

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