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What kind of brake pad is best for my road bike?

Asked by smile1 (493points) May 6th, 2012

I just started biking this year, and have noticed my brake pads are wearing down, and I should replace them soon.

Im wondering what is best, and if there are different styles that I should be aware of so that they fit my bike!!

I have a GT series 4, with I think shimano breaks…but Im not sure what brake pads will fit it!

Im thinking about buying on ebay, since its much cheaper, but im afraid I will buy te wrong type!!

I live in Seattle weather, so pretty rainy!

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You can also buy them online here

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Does it matter what type would fit my bike? Or will they all fit?

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You can get an idea from how they look. You can also check the details of the product on the site and read what others have said about it. You can even ask a question yourself.

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I have worked on a lot of bikes and absolutely hate doing the brakes. Even changing the pads can be huge pain in ass. I would really suggest taking it into a local bike place. If you buy the pads there they will probably install them for you for pretty cheap.

With all the hills in Seattle and the rain I wouldn’t roll the dice on the brakes.

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I dont mind getting my hands dirty working on the bikes, and Ive worked on the brakes before, but just never had to replace them!

I suppose I could just go to a local shop and ask them whats best, then buy it online.

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